Can I Publish my Ebook on multiple Sites

Is it possible to publish my eBook on several pages?

When you publish THROUGH Kindle Direct Publishing (not'on Amazon'), your ebook is available on Amazon. Unless you have chosen Kindle Select, you can publish your eBook on different platforms. There are no precise answers.

Is Self Publishing going to violate your book on multiple pages?

There are so many self-publishing websites and websites that it is often difficult to choose where to post your own work. Amazons are the big elephants in the room and I would suggest that you incorporate Kindle Publishers into any self-publication itinerary. However, should you also post on Nook yourself or on many smaller self-publishing pages?

It is no coincidence that Amazon has become an alpine hound when it comes to self-publication. What sets them apart is that they offer their clients and a large public of purchasers high value to their vendors and editors. Amazons offers special encouragement for writers to share their work with them. As you see, they know that if your Kindle textbook is released solely with them..... and not on other websites or eReader.... if you get them to earn cash.

That' s why Amazon has developed the Kindle Select program for writers. Briefly, if you select your textbook (it is on a per title basis) to Kindle for 90 working day, you can't release your textbook anywhere else. Still you can show the first 10% of your books (as with the Click to Look Inside function on Amazon) on your website, give this part away as a PDF file or anything else that will help you with your advertising.... but that's it.

You can also take advantage of Kindle Select authors' exclusive offers. Well, it is up to you and your ledger. As you see, there may be smaller, more specialised pages that have readers looking for titles like yours, regardless of the class your work is in. This site can also provide authoring resources or most likely have a narrower fellowship.... which can be important to help you spread your work.

See how much contest (number of titles per category) there is on Amazon so you can see if you have a shot at attracting attention on Amazon. Explore these sections on-line to find other smaller websites that may specialise in these titles. Make sure your guide fits and which communities are available to your publishing houses.

Begin by posting your textbook on Amazon Kindle and register your textbooks for 90 EVERY day WITHOUT automatic renewal. In this way, you can publish your eBook on the biggest worldwide plattform with Amazon's dedicated advertising inventory.... and possibly become a best-seller without making a lifelong obligation to be forever Amazon-only.

By the end of the 90-day Kindle Select subscription term, you can choose to post elsewhere if you think you could generate more revenue by reach a wider public..... When you get great review and make great deals on Amazon, you can choose to remain with the Kindle Select program for another 90 nights and still enjoy the benefits of Amazon.

Do you need help deciding in which categories to post your work? Please feel free to get in touch with me today for Kindle Coachings and get your books into the reader's hand. A bestselling writer, web marketer, childle publishing and marketer trainer, Shira Gal has assisted tens of emerging writers make their dreams of becoming a best seller come true.

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