Can I make Money Writing Children's Books

Is it possible to earn money by writing children's books?

I still haven't earned as much money four years and six books published later as I could have earned in most professional writing and editing positions. It is the rare children's book that is on the bestseller list or wins a Newbery Award, and the rare full-time children's book author who earns a living. You can sell used children's books online in many different places. The grammar pet annoys - but how do you tell people that they misuse words? Good children's books will touch children's lives.

Dr. Seuss v. Madonna: Can prominent people produce good children's books?

Everybody from Tyra Banks to Dolly Parton to Terrell Owens has written a children's work. The last Saturday before the first class in New York City, a children's bookshop on Books of Wonder 18 in New York City had the expected silence of a class room before the doorbell rang.

From the colourful ceilings lining the racks looked a cat, a duck, an Elephant called Babar and - in the corners of a section with the inscription "Modern Picture Books" - the name Molly Shannon. Shannon's storybook Tilly the Trickster was published this months and marks the former SNL member's entrance into an ever-growing group of prominent people who are writing children's books.

Earlier this autumn, super model Tyra Banks and the Decemberists leading vocalist Colin Meloy also released books for young people. A 1955enter who was a singing teacher and Judy Garland's boyfriend released a novel about Eloise, a little gal who lived at the Plaza Hotel (like the writer, apparently rent-free).

Years before Eloise was released, Kay Thompson's vocals were played on the air, and later she starred in Funny Face. The Eloise has become a classical one, so much so, of course, that its glory has exceeded that of its famous maker. "Obviously, editors are looking to make some money," says Marilyn Courtot, a qualified bookseller and foundress of Children's Litererature, a services that advises booksellers and educators when they fill their bookshelves.

Prominent people grab sought-after feedbacks in large media and of course they can always rely on their number. The New York Times bestsellers Jamie Lee Curtis, John Lithgow and Whoopi Goldberg have made it onto their children's books. Nicole Deming of the Children's Book Council, a non-profit professional organisation for children's publishing houses, said: "They are naturally advertising copy.

" These books are provoking a mixture of emotions in the children's world. Kayla, one of the Books of Wonder staff, said, "The students don't know who these celebs are. So she went to the bar and asked a co-worker what he thought of famous children's books.

"Now, the illuminator is great," Kayla said. "This is my favourite illuminator! "Aye, the illuminator is very helpful. "LeUyen Pham, who has published a dozen books, has done the art for Moore's work. They are vivid, like a child's drawings in haste. "When an unfamiliar illuminator is mated with a prominent writer, I think there is a chance for an illustrator," says Deming.

Gloria Estefans, Dolly Partons or Madonnas - all those who have already become known as a Latino Pops sensational, national star or sexual icon. It can be difficult for writers who have made a name for themselves to see shelving with celebrity side products.

"It'?s clear to us that publishing houses want to make money. However, we firmly believe that the really good books merit as much attentiveness as possible," says Rosalyn Schanzer, who has been a full-time writer and illustrated children's books since the early 1990s. Newbery prizewinner and winner of many other prizes for her young grown-up books this year, Rita Williams-Garcia sees most of the celebrity experiments in children's books as "book projects and something less than a novel itself".

However, after a ten-year of interviewing, NBC rejected promotional inquiries from the American Library Association - which manages the prizes - in favour of sitting with Jersey Shore star Snooki, who came out with her own almanac. "It' s just a big deal for children's books because we don't get the same attention as the normal market," Williams-Garcia commented.

" For another writer, Laura Vaccaro Seeger, the story First the Egg won a Caldecott award in 2007. When she was asked at the Today show to speak about a novel she released in 2003, Seeger was pushed for Madonna, who had just come out with The English Roses, a storybook about school girls in London.

"As a matter of principle, the press and publishing houses respond to the wishes of the general public. What do they want? She was comforted, however, when Seeger took her children to a bookshop soon after her unfortunate TV event and saw from afar how a mom laid down Madonna's books and purchased them - at the wish of a begging family.

They know what they like, which usually has little to do with what they should like. "That' s why I like to do writing for them. You just like a good story," says Maryland-based Margaret Meacham, who teaches children's books and writing at Goucher College. There are some on the other side who can write," says Courtot.

Books of Wonder employees liked Julie Andrews, who wrote some of her books under her husband's name, perhaps to hide her fame. Williams Garcia says that Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, has a hand in the production of juvenile music. Books are different. "You and other young adults' non-fiction writers can work on a novel for a year or two, seven nights a day, seven weeks a year.

She travelled to Galapagos to research for her novel on Charles Darwin's Expeditions and sought out scientific material as historic proof. During the work on her novel "Modelland" (probably on September 13) Trya Banks "spent so much quality material in libraries", she said in an interview: "If I worked on America's Next Top Model, I would quit this kit and continue writing until four in the mornings.

" Wendy Loggia, her Random House journalist, said Banks had first presented her with a draft for the text, which was "a great leap forward. "In fact, writing children's books is more of a challenge than it seems. A writer must use a convincing texture without creating disorientation; writing in imaginative speech without being too far ahead of the young reader's terminology; expressing pains without deterring them.

Writers and bibliographers say that a work is as succesful as its history, and where some books - especially those of prominent personalities - are failing is in their didactical efforts to give basic teachings. "You know, some folks don't really do enough selling primary schools," says Courtot. "I don't really support something that has come down, that doesn't show children respect," Courtot says, adding: "I mean, if these children can pronounce ten-named saurian symbols, then they can say something with a little more beef.

" The reaction can be felt when a good textbook is found by a child. "If one shares the notebook with a child, the room becomes quiet, they sit nearer, they want to feel the book," says Lukehart. And she remarked: "I have seen only a few celeb books that evoke this reaction. "Lukehart has recognized that children's publishing houses can take a risk for unfamiliar writers by publishing prominent books.

Williams-Garcia considers prominent people's books "a pleasant additional nourishment".

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