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In order to show you that we are serious, we have written a short story about how companies and innovators can use the collections of the National Library of Scotland. You can also use a short story as a muse. There may be other questions about the context that arise from the story itself. Look at the personality of the narrator and his role in the story. The setting is not only in the background of a story!

Words and phrases in our Pre-Intermediate Levels Simplified English Story that are not in our 1200 words list:

Words and phrases in our Pre-Intermediate Levels Simplified English Story that are not in our 1200 words list: There' s also a term that can be puzzling in the sentence: She ("the woman") didn't want him to go. And if you liked this story, please let us know:

A kind of dancing that has been danced by a group of traditional costumed women wearing long dresses, petti coats and socks. {\a6}(phrasé verbe : supposé faire/être, etc.) On peut s'attendre à faire/être, etc. quelque chose. They' re due to be here in the morning. When you answer a proposal or ask a simple questions, the word I (so) assume is used as a way to agree or say "yes" if you are not sure or not very upset or interested.

Printout: actual / actual / actual / actual / actual) Actually, really; Used to emphasize the truths of a message.

Can'' by Arturo Vivante Essay

This story under the heading "Can-Can" was composed by Arturo Vivante. A native of Rome, he received post-graduate training in medicine, but abandoned his medicinal routine in mid-1950 when his short stories were made public. The short stories are often interpreted as contemplation or reminiscences of a far and strange past that a readership cannot support, but can connect with the author's own world.

Can-Can" tells the story of an grown man travelling to a clandestine encounter with the other grown man. However, before he says goodbye, he looks at an interesting scene: his wife is dancing Can-Can. All of a sudden the grown-up dog remembers that he does not want to go out, but the date of the months is already fixed.

The grown man comes into the bungalows with his friend and believes in his wife, which is very surprising for him. Arturo Vivante's tale "Can-can" is a social-psychological one. However, in the same video this story can be regarded as psychologically, as the emotions and thoughts of the narrator's supporters are shown here.

Can-Can" is largely a story that is instead vibrant and conveys an unbroken story of happenings ("husband negotiations" with his wife. Leave the home. Call his friend. Delays for her at the café and go to the bungalows in summer). At first the ambience of the text can be felt light because everyone smiles at each other. Usually a couple dance can-can. Children are happy. but it's only outside. inside it's really sad.

Thing is, the husband can't hear his feeling. His feeling. However, even in the hugs of another grown man cannot free himself from a picture of his wife dancin' - so carelessly with a smile, without socks and socks.

It' s quite clear that the husband is suffering from the imminent infidelity and therefore the temperament is emphasized more and more during the story. It is quite clear and understandable what the author raises: the husband wants to have a romantic affair and is already disloyal to his wife.

Understanding that his wife is still a nice and handsome grown-up wife who is not shattered by a little bit of materials, an grown-up wife who can still give him strength and affection, doesn't let him remain serene. In order not to specify as much dancing as the fact of the performance of this dancing by his wife astonished him.

What he was expecting of her was that she would do something un interesting or plain, but not doing something out of emotion and ardor. "shows the confused state of the spouse at the moment when she sees this sudden sequence, which is characterized by a long video and already shows such a habitual wife in a completely new state.

A follower of the tale "Can-Can" is the husband. It'?s not often he leaves the building. He is spending his time helping his married wife. However, the most decorative quality of his personality is his work - he is a artist and the fact can express the husband's desire for something new in his being.

She is a kept picture for him and he can't get anything new out of her. and that's why he decides to do so. All his tensions were overthrown.

With his wife held, the grown man cannot erase the picture of his wife, who has appeared in perfect form in new rays. One can point to a rather ironic moment here: When Sarah arrives, the grown-up man finds her in a contemplative state. At first she gets pretty angry because she thinks the grown man is thinking about his wife--

However, after the grown man says that he thinks of a can-maker, Sarah is relieved and says: "I was worried that you believed in your wife". Can-Can" tells the sound of two grown-up female animals. She is a house owner with children. that every twenty-four hour is occupied with walking and doing the dishes and the kept lady is a kind of serious bargain.

When we talk about a bride-to-be, we should point out that she is a mature sageess. She doesn't show it to her husband and stays calm and entertaining. She is more confident with him on the spot and the man in his curve is helping her take care of the children.

She is portrayed in the picture of the lovingly wedded lady and cautious feminine parents dancing with their children"...can-can. walking her feet up in his direction". For the other mature bitch. Sarah. She's not husband. Described as a egotistical grown lady who envied the devotee's spouse when she said: "Oh, for a moment I was scared you believed in your wife".

The greeneyed husband is the lonely correlativeness between these two grown-up bitches In all remaining they are completely opposite. The most important minutes to discuss is the role of the section of this book. At first I was interested in why the author had selected the actual dancing as an influencing factor for his husband.

I had turned to the story of this dancing for this purpose. Can Can is a high-energy and strenuous indoor dancing, which has been danced by a traditional choir of women Terpsichorean dancers with long dresses, half-slips and socks. It is characterized by the lifting and use of the skirt with high kicks and implicitly provoking structural movements.

One. Cancan was a dirty dances, but these days this dances is a female icon. Painful fur. We can see that this section has a symbolic role to play here. Moreover, it really does matter the role of the author in this novella. Throughout the whole story I can't get away from the impression that the author is standing next to his figures.

A very interesting tool is used in the story: the kiosk is missing. So, we can't know exactly what's going on, what the grown man's resolve will be, whether he's going on his lovemaking or stopping it, but we can do the story upholstery.

It will all be like a melodrama: the grown man will stand up proud, telling his friend that he will be a villain when he does something like this with his wife, returns to his house and no longer believes in infidelity. Can-can" was narrated by Arturo Vivante.

Many of his short stories are like contemplation or reminiscences of a far and strange past that Vivante's readers cannot support, but can connect with the implanted writer's own being. and I dare say near ours.

One grown man travels to the clandestine gathering with the other grown-up wife. Go to his home. Spouse and children. Thus. getting there to believe the bungalows he finds himself of his wife and that very surprising. It is quite clear what the writer's role is: the husband wants to have a romantic affair and is already disloyal to his wife.

Understanding the fact that his wife is still a cute little girl who is not fractured by a little bit of stuff, an grown up girl who is able to give him strength and charity, doesn't let him down. In anticipation of the grown up wife in the café, he hoped that she would not get any sperm and that he would simply and happily return:

" When he spends the video with his beloved, he still thinks of his wife and she.

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