Can anyone Write a novel

Is it possible for everyone to write a novel?

Writing novels is something that anyone can do (no, it's not easy, it's just that most people react and respond to history, so it calls us like the sea, or the stars, or the mountain peaks). You know you won't win the Booker Prize. Can anyone write a book? New writing is not some sophisticated art reserved for the intellectual elite, but something that any reasonably intelligent and creative person can create. Writing from different perspectives is one of the most difficult achievements in literature.


Years and years ago I started writing my first novel in writing-blocks. And then I scribbled my second novel with pen and notepad. On this occasion, I signed on someone to write my memos. That novel is quite good. I' ve written my next five books right in the computer.

So I have a great deal of experiance in handwriting and on my notebook. Handwriting a novel is much more costly, but that's not necessarily a poor thing. There is more thinking to be done about everything - everything?, plotter, settings. descriptions,ogs and more. Typing directly into your notebook is so much quicker, provided you are not a two-finger writer.

Words are flowing quickly and freely, and my personalities say things and do things I didn't anticipate because my spirit is less dedicated and less present. I' ve got an important tip for any writer who writes his novel directly into the computer. Get to know typing! One has to know how to write in our contemporary age.

In the end, you have to choose the best way to write a novel. I' ve seen both and will say that I now put my books directly into the computer. I' ve gone beyond my 40' and 50'... I have many new ways of acting and I want to write as many things as possible as long as I can.

I' m expecting to write well in my 70' and I'm confident that I can get these books out of my mind and on papers. That doesn't mean I never write anything by handwriting. I' m running a "Novel Journal" in which I write about places where I'm bogged down or have trouble with the story, or about a shortage of or too many people.

It' s much simpler for my brain to solve a puzzle when I write in handwriting. To write a novel is a very private, close one.

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