Can anyone Write a Book and get it Published

Is it possible for everyone to write a book and publish it?

You must also explain to the publisher how you will market the book. Cause only you can write it. The majority of first novels are not published. I just wrote a book, you know. To create an email marketing campaign that people will notice.

Strategically publishing for those who are writing meaningful textbooks.

You begin with a free Get Aquainted Call - a 30-minute one-on-one conversation with Gail Woodard to research your objectives and how we can help you achieve them. Then you can choose a strategy meeting - an intense, three-hour one-on-one meeting with face-to-face feedback and instruction to further define your objectives and the best ways to achieve them.

You will receive an impartial analysis of the manuscripts, an insight into the forthcoming publishing pathway, hands-on selling and selling strategy for your respective books, and a clear and confident view of your next read. Choose our From Issiring Authors to Publicated Pro software for authors at every step of every authoring process.

You will take part in six consecutive mentorship with Gail Woodard, through bimonthly group phone call, quarterly module to speed you up through our successful authoring system, and quarterly email to assist, advise and assist you on an on-going basis. You will have the opportunity each and every week to complete your work, answer your own question, find out how others are faced with similar problems, explore technologies and instruments that will help you move your work forward, get inspiration and take responsibility to make sound headway between meetings.

In case your script is not yet finished, we will be happy to advise you on how to prepare it for release. We provide coach programmes and a range of editing packs for every description.

Training courses for writing and publishing books

Get to know how to compose and release a volume in 30 or less working hours! Rather an up-and-coming writer, since you ended up on this page, I guess you'd like to create your own bestselling textbook, but just don't know where to begin, or how to release it? Ultimately, typing a textbook and locating a publishers is tough work, and even if you do, your publishers will undoubtedly make the most of it.

As well as showing you the easy, step-by-step 30-day best-selling write cycle, I'll tell you my tried-and-tested self-publication plan so you don't even have to deal with a conventional publisher.

I won the IPG Specialist Consumer Publisher of the Year Awards in 2016. In this FREE course, I will give you everything I know about the thrilling and successful financial world of the printing and publishing world. I' ve also been coaching guys like you to have your own number 1 bestseller!

RELEASE TO THE FASTTRACK-SEMINAR, YOU WILL FIND..... RICHARDS EDUCATION AND COACHES..... "I became a NUMBER 1 bestselling writer after using Richard's VIP Authors Mentoring Program! "Deciding to work with the BPA to release my own Driver Trainer guide has been an outstanding step. You have taken charge of the entire field of publication, from editing and typography to print.

"In 3 week after using Richard's program, I reached Amazon number 1 bestseller status - Richard's program is strongly recommend. Q. Do I need expertise to participate in Richard's free workshop? You do not need any previous knowledge to be able to compose or post your work. It is the ideal course for anyone who wants to compose and distribute a work.

Q. I' ve already authored my volume, but I don't know how to do it. Is this workshop going to help me? He has his own succesful publisher and extensive editorial expertise. You will learn the different stages you have to go through to bring your books to marketing.

Q. What is the duration of the workshop? Areas A. The course lasts a maximum of 3 lessons and you can select between 9.00 - 12.00 or 13.00 - 16.00 CET. Q. Will I be offered a refreshment during the course? At the Novotel Hotel you can buy your own refreshment at the Novotel Hotel reception area.

Refreshment will not be offered during the course. Q. OK, I'm willing to make a reservation for Richard's class, where can I make a reservation? All you need to do is make a reservation using one of the following quick links and you will be sent an automatic e-mail to confirm your place at the workshop for the date you have selected.

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