Can anyone Publish a Book on Amazon

Is it possible for everyone to publish a book on Amazon?

Fortunately, this is now easy for practically everyone to do. I' ve done it differently, and I think anyone can do it to publish a bestseller themselves. So, yes, you can traditionally publish a book that was originally published by yourself. So the easier it is to publish so that anyone can do it, the more competition you have. When you' re done, you can delete your book at Amazon.

Amazon says that only 40 self-published authors are a success.

Cats are out of the bags, at last we know exactly how many self-published writers make it big: 40. Forty self-released writers "earn money," all the others, and they don't count hundredthousand. The interesting statistics, recently featured in a New York Times report, apply to the Kindle Store, but since Amazon is indeed the world's biggest online publication site, it's a sure bet that even publishers aren't much better anywhere else.

"Earn money" here means to sell more than one million e-book prints in the last five years. Yes, 40 writers have done that and even founded their own publisher like Meredith Wild. Their history is covered in detail here in the New York Times and it's definitely a worthwhile place to think about it.

Wonder what "earning money" really means. It seems that last year, on a weekly basis, one third of the 100 best-selling Kindle publications were issued by the group. On the other hand, this means that only two third of old publications work with rake.

Maybe this is not such a startling outcome, given their custom of costing e-books at strict-atmospheric levels, from $12 to $16 or more as opposed to self-published writers who feel that $3 to $5 is the "right" prize... one has to wonder why editors do this, even sometimes e-books constitute more than their own hard copy copies of the titles.

Maybe they are scared of it? In fact, the online consumer electronics industry is frightening, mainly because of its size: over 4 million books in the Kindle Store today, up from 600,000 six years ago (the information comes from the same article). Thus "book finding" has become the number one issue.

What makes your volume of books so noticeable? While there are many responses in the business (and smart advertising certainly has a big part to play ), some of the more groundbreaking breakthroughs come from the highly acclaimed self-published writers themselves, such as Meredith Wild and some others who (more or less) have followed their example, such as Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy, H.M.Ward, Cal. J. Lyons.

They' ve done business with Ingram Content Group, a large letterpress printing and distribution company, and receive their stories in bookshops, big-box shops and on air. Let's be honest, if you sell a lot on the online media markets, you don't want to be wasted: you don't want to loose in print: 36 % of purchasers still exclusively study hard copy literature (according to a Codex Group poll in 2015 - more about how hard copy titles perform can be found in this article).

Publisher's Weekly stated in an earlier report last year: "The vast majority of writers are below the dole. Since an individual who earns less than $11,670 a year is below the povernourishment line, 56% of those questioned would be qualified if they were to rely exclusively on the revenue from their letter. It also shows that many writers not only make little money, but also less since 2009.

NOTICE: This was released over a year ago and has received more commentaries than any of my blogs ever have, and I thank my commenters, even those who disagreed with my readings - no question this flood of commentaries is a testament to the (high) number of authors (self-published and not) who wonder where they are and what they can ask of a write-careers.

That' s more than any amount of cash you could ever make.... Merry pen!

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