Can anyone Publish a Book

Is it possible for everyone to publish a book?

Prerequisite is that anyone can become a small publisher. But, asks John Naughton, how many ebooks are the authors' own works. Anybody can upload everything to Amazon. Have someone proofread your book before you submit it. Do you know anyone who doesn't know an editor?

Anyone can''write' a book now. First find a few words... | Technology

Up until recently, this statement was neither here nor there, because even if it was real, there was usually no way to publish this work. Then Amazon came with its Kindle e-reader and all of a sudden everything started to change. It turned out that the Kindle was not only a gingerbread, but also a publisher's plattform.

And, since e-books do not include the untidy and costly process of pressing plant dyestuffs onto finished groundwood samples, the cost of their publication is negligibly low. Amazon thus established a self-publishing system around the Kindle and made it available to the whole family. From now on, anyone Tom, Dick or Harry could compose this novel/book that lurks in them for years, post it to Amazon's publication engines, fix a prize and - hey prestigto!

  • it would be made available on the Amazon website for immediate purchasing and downloading. First of all, use Microsoft Word to type your "book" as normal, but avoid bullets, specific typefaces, header and footer lines and insert a page breaks at the end of each of them. Next, use the Word function "Save as Web Page" to store the file.

Then, you' ll need to install a dedicated Amazon application that will convert your documents to Kindle. Guide it through Amazon's Kindle Previewer (another free software download) to verify that it is working on the Kindle. When it looks reasonable, please load the book into Amazon and it will be on offer for purchase in the Kindle Shop about 24h after you click on "Save and publish".

In one fell swoop, all the annoying janitors - the selfish operatives, writers and publishing houses who were between you and the approval - are eliminated. The success of this e-book is such that Amazon now claimed to sell more online publication than standard ePublish. For example, according to an expert from the media sector, nearly 2. 8 million non-traditional titles, in the United States, were released in 2010, while just over 316,000 were released.

Compare this with 1. 33 million electronic notebooks and 302,000 print titles in 2009. Only when you look through the horn of plenty of literature in the Kindle Shop do you recognize the first smell of rodents. Mister Braschi is clearly a man of Herculean power and broad study who is effortless from How to become a deadly weapon in two week (£1. 40) to herbs 101: How to plant, grow and cook with native herbs (£0. 70) while taking pot training!

Ultimate Potty Training Guide! It is the end of Kindle's self-publishing activities in this area. It seems that Amazon's platforms are being overpowered by spam, "scratching" the contents of web sites, or in some cases even lifting whole text and re-publishing it as e-books.

And in a proper turn, each of these "books" can be sold under several different headings, which come from different writers. So a book on medical Insurance is available as three different journals, valued at £2. 15, £2. 18 and £4.35. A brilliant businessman markets a Kindle "Authors" course.

You will publish 10 or even 20 new Kindle eBooks to your bank every single working days! "Kindle self-publishing, in other words, is turning into a new kind of profitable spamming. Why does Amazon let it go on like this?

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