Can anyone be a Writer

Anyone can be a writer?

When you don't know what to write, edit it. What makes you a good author? Entire volumes have been published on how to become a better author, from the fundamental mechanism of building good typesetting to the commercialization of a completed novel. There are three things you have to do to become a good writer: Pronounce. It is like any other sport where you don't get better just to think about it.

You can try to do a little typing every single working days, in a magazine, in a newspaper or even on the back of wasteaper. Don't just use one spelling. For example, if you are interested in literature, sometimes you try to compose poetry and essay. You can learn something new about how the speech works and how to expand it according to your needs by typing outside your "comfort zone".

They can help you to better comprehend how to spell clearly and concisely, but they can only get you that far. Teach yourself how to spell well from the folks who are already good at it. Locate authors you like - authors, verses, poets, reporters and even blogs - and watch not only what they say, but how they say it.

If so, watch out for these things in your own handwriting. Read everything you've penned. It is a popular proverb among authors that "everyone is lousy at first drafting " (although lousy is usually not the term of choice). However, our authors have design engineers, reviewers and reviewers to help turn the first design into something that' s really something to be read.

Don't even type anything and then call it done. Make it a custom to re-read what you are writing - not only tales and essay, but also emails, blogs and even web pages - before you click Send or Print or Publish and declare it done. Not only will this give you the opportunity to find mistakes (and there will be errors), but also to consolidate and clear up what you are trying to say.

Since you will find recurrent trouble in what you have already typed, you will soon find that you pay more heed to these trouble as you write, and become a better author.

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