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Secure message buyers and sellers from within the app. Buy, sell and trade and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Buy, sell, trade, make offers and list for free. You can use these apps to sell your stuff today so you can put a little more money in your pocket. In order to start selling, click on the "Buy and sell groups" button in the Explore menu.

Sell and buy near you - Home

First of all I would like to thank everyone who supported this site, we have all made this site stunning with deals. Again, I would like to make a small comment that we will not allow third parties' sites to be promoted here because we do not know them, and we do not know how trusted they are if someone has posted a site, I am sorry, but we will ban you from the site and remove your contribution.

We..... want to keep everyone on this site with his or her transactions protected. When you advertise a certain item on ebay and other trusted pages like ebay, we have no problems with it, we will release it for you. If we know that the website is protected and secured for the user, we will advertise some other webpages.

QuoteUp - Buy. Sell it. offering

Sell it. Enter the biggest moving market place for locals and vendors! OfferingUp makes it simple for you to find great offers and earn cash with the things you want to sell. Dig classified ads and parking sells -- this is the best way to buy and sell in your community or in the neighbourhood with folks you can confident.

The way it works:- Buy or sell everything; simply sell your products in 30 seconds. - Use reputational functions such as scores and profiling to see who you're up against and to gain confidence. - Browse everyday through articles in your area with hundreds of new articles. - Browse articles by picture and browse by categories or locations.

  • Join tens of thousands of people using OffUp across the nation. - Skip the car park sales! QuoteUp is the easiest way to buy and sell on site. Things to know about OfferUp:1: With OffUp you can sell everything from clothing to used vehicles and electronic equipment. QuoteUp shows you what is sold in your area.

OfferedUp is better than a parking lot sales; find everything you want, with a rebate, right on your mobile or tray. Become part of the community: We make the purchase and sales on site an adventure that everyone can rely on. It is made possible by the fellowship at the centre of our market place.

If you join QuoteUp, you will join forces with tens of thousands of people who help each other make extra cash and earn savings throughout the state.

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