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Making eBooks and digital content available to eBook users

Amazons has million of ebooks available. Sizes:: Amazon's own native file size, AZW, which can be displayed with Amazon's desk top application, a Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry and iPod Touch. Not EPUB tracks. eBooks is a large choice of eBooks that often offer rebates and voucher-code.

You have free apps for most smart phones, iDevices, Android, and it comes with the Kobo Reader, so you can scan or look for ebooks and load them directly into the application. Sizes:: Adobe Digital Editions (PDF and EPUB). is a highly sought-after shop with over one million books to its name.

They focus on literature, economics, computer and technologies; and they have a large choice of scholarly ebooks and digitized schoolbooks. Sizes:: Download Adobe Digitally Editions (PDF and EPUB), iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry. Both Barnes and Noble has a large collection of ebooks and the Nook. Sizes::

B&N's eReader (PDB) file formats and SPUB.

The majority of ebooks are available for download in EPUB, PDF and Adobe DRM format for widespread use. Sizes:: is specialized in providing the widest possible selection of fiction, psychothrillers and relational novel. Sizes:: Digital Editions (PDF and EPUB), Microsoft Reader (LIT) and Mobipocket (MOBI/PRC). has over 60,000 tracks from more than 600 publishers. Besides talking books there are journals, radios, podcasts, standup and talks in audiocomedy as well. You have four file size and tone size settings. Shapes: See the Devicecenter for more information about unit compatibilities and file types.

Please note: The large e-book vendors at the top of this page also have electronic papers, journals and schoolbooks.

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