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For more information about the books on the left, roll the mouse over their covers. is a full-service publishing company whose clients include a wide range of journalists, academics and other innovative, competent adult non-fiction authors. microeconomics As one of the most resourceful companies, we pride ourselves on representing a worldwide list of leaders, businessmen, consultants, reporters and graduates who agree with this notion. Among our customers are Dan Ariely with Predictably Irrational, William Ury with Getting to Yes with Yourself - and other worthy opponents, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg with How Google Works and Patrick Lencioni with The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

We are always looking for new prospects and insights into how companies work with such a selection of thought leadership, chance agencies and management experts - and how to make them work for you. For more information about the book on the leftside, scroll your cursor over its cover.

For more information about the titles on the links, please scroll your cursor over their cover. This 18-minute Wall Street Journal best-selling writer reveals the mysteries of some of the most accomplished executives and reveals the ingredients that make all the differences. Built on the author's favorite Harvard Business Review blog, this guide provides hands-on, hands-on tips for developing your emotive bravery muscles.

Subscriptions grow nine fold as fast as the S&P 500. Why? Because subscribers know their clients. Tien Tzuo has served as chief executive officer of the world's biggest subscriber relationship managment plattform, helping thousands of organizations create customer-focused, repetitive revenues. Willing or not, agitated or frightened, you must adjust to the Economy option - or run the danger of being abandoned.

The New York Times best-selling writer, combining humour and behavioural economy, immerses himself in the truly illogical realm of private finances to help empower individuals to better comprehend why they make poor fiscal choices and how they can make better ones. Joey Coleman, an award-winning lecturer and management consultancy, is teaching consumers and businesses around the globe how to turn a buyer into a lifetime client.

Based on almost two decade-long history, Coleman's client relationship management is not about selling or selling: It' about the 100 day after the sales and the interaction the client is experiencing. Coleman provides a culture and method to drastically increase client engagement and bottom line results in Never Loose a Customers Again.

Dream Team' s award-winning businessman and reporter Shane Snow shows the contra-intuitive causes why so many couples and groups collapse - and why some do. While the best team is more than the total of its parts, why does cooperation so often fall short on this pledge? Provocatively and entertainingly, Dream Team is a milestone that will transform the way we think about individuals, advancement and cooperation.

He is the writer of smart cuts and his work has been published in The New Yorker, Wired and Time. One of the world's most prolific investor and entrepreneur, Ray Dalio agrees with the unorthodox principals he has been developing, refining and applying over the last forty years to deliver unprecedented results in people' lives and businesses - and which any individual or organisation can apply to reach its objectives.

He' on the Time 100 listing of the most powerful men in the time.

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