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If you are seriously thinking about entering the restaurant or hospitality business, it is a good idea to spend some time with DiFillippo's entertaining and insightful book. NoFICTION - Rees Frahlingur "With real grain and relentless work, Steve has become not only a leadership in the corporate community, but an inspirational force in all areas of our lives. Steve's work will open his mind and leaves no question of the invincible mind of man."

  • Dave Pelzer, Autor von #1 New York Times Best Seller A Childrens, A Childrens, A A A A A A A A A Actor and A Gentleman (Wiley) von Lou Gosset Jr. "Quand Frank Luntz vous invite à parler à son groupe de discussion, vous parlez à son groupe de discussion". Barack Obama, addressed a PBS-sponsored focal group on June 28, 2007, following the Howard University Presidency's forthcoming democracy debates.

"As Claes Fornell reminded us, if we want to grow and succeed in the long run, we need enterprises to engage with their clients.... Professor Fornell is an important asset for all of us who need client engagement to grow our brand and business. The New York Times bestseller. The New York Times bestseller.

New York Times bestseller. Deepak Chopra, M.D. Bankruptcy 1995 (Little, Brown) by Harry E. Figgie, Jr. with Gerald J. Swanson, Ph.D. New York Times Bestseller. Dr Joan Borysenko von Dr. Joan Borysenko "Une lecture formidable ! Tony Athos, advisor, writer of The Art of Japanese Management.

Discovering the harmony between modern science and the Bible (Bantam) by Dr. Gerald L. Schroeder.

Frahlingur Sandra Dijkstraw

She is an agency for writers in the fields of non-fiction (including historical, political, contemporary, economic and scientific) and novels (literary and commercial). Her task is to find and promote writers whose works make a distinction. Bicoastal, Sandra was in the Bronx, studied in the East and then came to the West to go to the UC Berkeley graduate college to give her a taste for writing, a sharp editor's eyes educated during a decades of academic education, and, on the front line, her homemade New York Sart.

During her first ten years as an operative, Newsweek called her "the best female operative in the West", Esquire named her one of the "top five frailties" in the country, and the Los Angeles Times called her " over-agent " and "the most mighty woman frahling on the West Coast". "Sandra is looking for women authors who have something important to say, who know how to say it in an unmistakable way and whose works help to improve this aura.

Representing eminent US history figures such as Pulitzer Prize laureates Eric Foner, Steven Hahn and Leon Litwack and the National Book Award finisher Adrienne Mayor. It is also proud to be represented by the eminent idea writer Michael Kazin, the scholar of the slavery industry, the deceased Ira Berlin and Marcus Rediker, the immigration scientist Erika Lee, the Jewish Historian Steve Ross, the religious scientists Steven Prothero, Paula Fredriksen and Matt Sutton, the female mathematicians Elaine May and Marilyn Yalom and the LGBTQ researcher Lillian Faderman and others.

Sandra, who works for a major group of detective reporters, has contributed to the work of Tom Hamburger of the Washington Post, Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times, Jess Bravin of the Wall Street Journal and T. Christian Miller of ProPublica, among others. They include Don Norman, Dr. Irvin Yalom, Dr. Gary Small, Bernd Heinrich and Jordan Fisher Smith.

She is proud to be representing the bestsellers Joel Greenblatt and David Einhorn and Max DePree's classical Leadership Is an art. She is perhaps best known for her keen interest in good selling top class literature, representing writers such as Maxine Hong Kingston, Amy Tan, Lisa See, Nobel Prize laureate Mo Yan, Chitra Divakaruni, and Anchee Min, among others.

And on the children's front she is Stellaluna writer/illustrator Janell Cannon's proud agen. Its aim is to help writers make their dream come true and to support their work at every stage of the publication making sure that their works are read by the broadest possible audience at home and abroad and in as many different media as possible.

For this purpose, she has put together a strong and effective staff of co-workers, each with their own lists covering a broad spectrum of different styles, all of whom are committed to doing this for the writers they work for.

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