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They do not simply want to send an e-mail to an agent that they come across. Letters Management Ted Weinstein It is a full-service publication whose customers are a broad spectrum of adult editors, academic and other innovators. Our comprehensive experience in all facets of the publisher supply chain and our vast international and Hollywood distribution networks of ancillary copyright agents help great minds and novelists develop a successful, long-term career.

Our exclusive representation is non-fiction, with a particular interest in journals and narratives, pop-sciences, business, personnel financing, biographies and histories, news, politics, healthcare and gym, eating and cookery, entertaining and folk music ( "often on the basis of trendy websites or blogs"), as well as weirdoes. Our work does not include literature, theatre pieces, scripts, poems or literature for young people and upbringing.

Prior to submitting your request or book suggestion, please use this website to learn about our agent, our customers, current titles and many other ressources that will help you in understanding and successfully operating the business of the publisher.


"That' I do as an agent," says Scott Miller. "I find novelists who have the ability to engage with the audience through literature and non-fiction, and then I help them start their careers." He is also interested in working with novelists who believe they need to be re-discovered by the market.

"Of course I'm an agent," says Scott, "but I'm also a careers manager." Scott is an authoring professional, working in all aspects of the writing business - editorial, promotional, marketing and bringing the author's work to all facets of the entertaining industry. ott has a passion for all kinds of business fictions and non-fiction.

His writers have been acclaimed in a multitude of literature classes, among them thriller, mystery stories, women's and book clubs literature, and a multitude of non-fiction books, such as e.g. army, popular and famous people' s books, narratives, sport, rules and topicals. "All in all, my backgrounds have helped the value I have as a Frahlingin - my legal studies, my William Morris Agency Training Program and my more than fifteen years as a representative of the New York Times and best-selling writers.

"We should accept and not be afraid of the changes in the publishers' industry," says Scott. Irrespective of how the business develops, the Arts Council will always be a history, be it a fictional or non-fiction book. "And whatever," says Scott, "it will always begin with the author." Fortunately, Scott is optimistic that Trident is best placed as Frahlingur to take full advantage of a shifting market for the benefits of its writers.

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