Build your own Story

Create your own story

Do you want to build trust with your readers? Teach children the tools to create their own stories - literally. Wellcome to build your own! Choose your size, sleeve length and trouser length. In Gotham City, the Joker(TM) is at large, and it's up to you to decide how Batman(TM) and his superhero friends will bring him down!

Write a story activity for kids

Learn how you can help young students create their own story by using three key parts of the story. Educating kids how to create a fictional play is simple and enjoyable using story maps! In the next section we will discuss more about the pictures we used for our storymaps.

Prior to introducing your pupils to this action, you must create story maps for three key parts of the story: characters, environment and eventid. About whom will your pupils be writing? This is what you get to help them make their decision when you make story card characters. We' ve used clipart to find our characters pictures.

That goes for all the story tickets you make. So what is the most important thing that drives history forward? It could be a challenging story item for children to find out for themselves so that your story tickets will really help give them guidance. We have chosen to use our Eventcards as possible events: "Get lost", "Open a mysterious letter", "Meet a spirit who fulfils a wish", "Make an important discovery" and "Enter a competition".

There are no limits to the story series, but we recommend that you make the story series as general as possible to help the children adapt it to any desired combinations of nature and environment. With so many different personalities, attitudes and incidents created, it's finally decided to involve your pupils!

It is easy to adapt to any ages and levels, so you can choose the most appropriate parameter for your group. If you are a younger student, you can view all the stories at once and ask the kids to select a mindset, personality and an incident they want to post about.

Older pupils can turn all face down (as shown above) and tell their pupils to randomly select a preference, personality and incident. They can make this task as easy or demanding as you want it to be. Would you like your pupils to create a one-piece play with a beginning, a centre and an end?

Do you want them to create a two-page story with a color illustrations and an author's biography at the end? Think about whether you want to perform this task in the classroom or at home. You ever do a build-a-story thing with your grade? When you choose to make stories with your pupils, we want to know how it's going!

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