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For step-by-step instructions on how to create a professional digital file for your eBook, download the Building Your Book for Kindle guide. Some people have suggested that I publish facts, errors and fiction, including Build Your Book. The majority of customers do not select their advisors from the phone book as if they were ordering a pizza. On her bestseller How to Blog a Book. It discusses how to build a platform, social media and successful thinking on this podcast.

Build your book for Kindle

After deciding to advertise on the Kindle, I went to the very comprehensive information pages on self-publishing. It is a brief and concise statement of everything an author needs to know to post on the Kindle. It' all for Microsoft Office user - I don't know if they have another program or if you could extract from the Microsoft Office manual.

So I can't say for sure how accurate all the directions are, but they are very accurate: "Then click on "Insert" at the top of the Word....." etc. This book begins with a "Before you write" section that will tell you exactly what not to do as you type - things like "Avoid using tabulators and blanks to insert heels and symbols".

You will then learn how to design your heels ("page layout" function in Word). It also contains information on how to generate your directory, how to add illustration to the general ledger, and so on. It' very clear and no need to spend your spare minute. Very good typing skills. The download of this "book" (really the length of a journal article) is a piece of cake as it is free.

Updated: I now upload various storylines, with and without images, to see how it all works. I didn't get the only part of "Building Your Book" that was the "Books with Pictures": Create a zip archive with your book content." As the author said: "1) Go to the directory where you have stored your book...."

And I thought, how on earth does he know if I'm putting my book in a box or not? However, it turns out that if you change the document to "web page, filtered" (which he previously explained very clearly), and then create a zipped document (which he also explains), Word creates two documents as described.

He' s just not telling you Word is gonna do this. Even if your book has images (except the cover), I would strongly suggest "Pictures on Kindle" by Aaron Shepard. It' s technically, but if you want to add images correctly to Kindle, this book is a great help.

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