British Mystery Writers

English Mystery Writers

The Lord Peter Wimsey Series by Dorothy L. Sayers. in alphabetical order: Find the best British detectives in Best Sellers. Bestseller with the British detectives. It is located in the middle of the upper crust of British society.

Heroes of Rhys Bowen's Top Five British Mystery Romane

In Farleigh Field, Bowen compiled a listing of her favourite British secrets to commemorate its publication. And I like British fiction (and especially British mysteries) that give the reader a keen feeling for the characters and landscapes. Here I have chosen works by five of my favourite British writers.

Although I have emphasized the latest novel in each of their serials, I would strongly suggest everything they haveritten. One of my favourite writers since I found him years ago. The Alan Banks range, which takes place in his hometown Yorkshire, has stayed powerful, expressive and enthralling over the course of more than 20 novels.

Cases are always linked to reality, and Alan Banks himself is the most personal, sympathetic, but erroneous investigator I have ever known. There is a great fame in this latest volume, almost a treasury that young women could have abused. I like Deborah Crombie very much. He's one of my favourite writers.

Though she is from the United States, she used to have lived in the United Kingdom and has a good feeling for London. Featuring two twinned policemen, Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, her books deal with the complexity and complexity of the game. Gemma's storyline includes a string of killings in one of London's privately-owned parks, while Duncan is confronted with reckless corrupt practices somewhere in Scotland Yard.

Winspear is brilliant in her writings about a era that I find so fascinating: the interwar era, a era of great contrast, the have-nots, the communist era and fascist era. Charles Todd's mother-son crew is Americans, but they do painstaking research in England, and her inspector Ian Rutledge gives the reader a captivating insight into PTSD people.

I' m taking this guide to my favourite (and most famous) part of England: the northern part of Cornwall. It would not be exhaustive without a British drama. The one thing I really miss about life in Britain is the British spirit of humour - the ridiculous, laughing humour that is so special in Britain.

It reveals the ridiculously eccentric nature of British rural living while it tells a thrilling story. A best-selling New York Times writer for two historic mysteries: the foamy 1930s British spyness novel with a small 1930s British king, and the murphy mystery in New York City in the early 1900s.

In Farleigh Field, her latest novel, follows the life of an archistocratic English World War II familiy trapped by espionage and the digging up of a betrayer in their midst. In Farleigh Field, the novel follows the life of an aristocrat in England.

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