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So Gill McLay (Bath Literary Agency, UK) is interested in children's books.

Six British agents looking for children's literature, poetry, literary fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction and more

There are six British agents here active in the search for writer. It doesn't take a Brit to subdue those agents. The majority of British agents accepts authors from almost all countries. The agents can swap agents or shut down their schedules, and the filing needs can vary. When these agents do not meet your needs, here is a complete listing of new and existing agents looking for customers:

Agent looking for customers. Mr. Alliison earned an honors degree in English Literature from the University of Virginia and a legal qualification from the University of Texas at Austin. Anything she' looking for: Her main interests are literature and literary narrative, but she also likes non-fiction books. It serves the agency's UK and Australian customers and has a widening client base of its own, which includes authors Alice Adams, Marie Phillips, Louisa Hall, Andrea Carter and Joanna Bolouri, as well as non-fiction authors Tom Service, Caroline Jones and Ted Kessler.

Anything she' looking for: Literal and upscale commercials; well-written film genres, among them detective films, Thriller, women's films and historic films. As for the non-fiction page: memoirs, nonfiction narratives, pop culture, socio- and culture histories and culinary art. In addition to her agency roles, Mandy advises several of the major publishers and creates news, storybooks and applications.

Anything she' looking for: Kids' literature. As an Associate Agent, Hayley works with Madeleine' s customers and proactively seeks new talents for the group. Anything she' looking for: Advertising texts in all disciplines, incl. intelligent women's literature; modern women's literature; elevating romances; high conceptual novel; earthed sci-fi; fictional speculation; female reading; magic reality; strained criminality and thriller; cross-genre literature; 14+ YA; non-fiction with a focus on sports.

She joined the agency in 2013 after starting a careers at Headline, Penguin, HarperCollins and most recently as an editorial director at Century (Random House), where she built an outstanding success story in bestselling publications. Kate leads the market-leading North Bank feature book. Anything she' looking for:

Commerical and upscale women's literature, historic literature and criminality, thrillers and tension. She is in charge of the agency's children's and teen books division as well as sci-fi and fancy books. Cloe is herself a featured writer of Young Adult Feature, with her first novel Editing Emma, released by headquarters in 2017, and the follow-up Friendship Fails of Emma Nash, released in 2018.

Anything she' looking for: Students from all categories of young adults, intermediate and 5-8 year olds, literary works and non-fiction.

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