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About the British Book Awards

Find the 2018 winner here. Nibbies or the British Book Awards honour and celebrate the success of publishers, writers and bookstores. In addition to industry awards such as Publishers of the Year and Bookseller of the Year, seven separate titles of the year are honored: Children's literature; debut novels; literature; thrillers; non-fiction:

Narration and (new 2018) audio book. A complete work of the year will then be selected from the single winner. New in 2018, the British Book Award will also celebrate an writer or illustrator who, in addition to making a real impact on the general wellbeing of the book industry, has enjoyed astounding business recognition.

After Brexit, British publishers can still take the top spot in the book business | Letters | Literature | Literature

The British publisher is a global leader and a pillar of Britain's culture and economy. For centuries, the periodicals and magazines written by our writers have shaped thoughts and concepts all over the globe. While Britain is leaving the EU to establish new trade relations with the rest of the globe, the Brussels and beyond talks provide a golden opportunity to secure the continued prosperity of one of Britain's most important exporters.

It has a unique chance to make sure that the results of the talks allow the UK to maintain its place as the world's publishers. Support for our worldwide coverage, the promotion of new creativity and academia and leadership in the virtual era will be critical. It is important to make sure that the new minds and innovators of our times can successfully keep publishing their work, exchanging views and spreading information that enriches the life of societies around the worInd.

At the London Book Fair this weekend we presented our concept for the British book industry, which is an example of the kind of international, external and worldised business we should be aiming for. He describes our priority for the UK public administration and shows how we can maintain and reinforce the UK publisher for years.

Our industry's continued prosperity is important not only to writers, graphic designers and publishers, but also to the UK's impact around the globe. The field of publication is inseparably linked to the nation's past and heritage. Let us ensure that it will continue to do so.

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