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2018 Wyndham Championship Sheet Music: Snedeker Brandt in Sedgefield from line to line

Brandt Snedeker made good on his opening round 11 under 59 - the tenth under-60 notch in PGA Tour history- at the Wyndham Championship this weeks by triumphing the event on Sunday through over three stops over C. T. Pan and Webb Simpson. He became the fifth golf player to have won an award after scoring under 60.

Having finished T3 at a military recognition at Greenbrier early this summer, Snedeker noted that he felt unbelievably close and could not afford to wait for some of his best golfs to come out to shut out a time of year that, at this point, had resulted in just two top tens. Since then Snedeker has made two more Top 10 s, among them this win in North Carolina.

"It' s been a long year to this point, but I have the feeling that the year is just beginning for me," Snedeker said early this year. "It was an eventless year for me, and now I'm going to play some of my better game, my best course of the year.

So, I'm thrilled about the occasion in front of me, and probably one of the few blokes who''are upset about this last long range of gulf, and can't hardly look forward to golfing a great deal and showing that I do well." He completed an interrupted third lap at the beginning of the daily and scored the 5 under 65 in lap 4 for the win.

Snedeker birdieed two of the last four bores with Pan in front of him with a doubles, which ended in an emotive ceremony. He' s been dealing with injury and, as he said on Sunday, "mediocre golf".

Even if he doesn't, this weeks 59 and second Wyndham Championship of his carreer remains an all-timer for him. From 132 in the FedEx Cup to 124 with a 67-68 on Saturday and Sunday at Wyndham, he needed it.

That' solid wrestling with the crisps of your whole trade in a battlefield where everyone fights for their life. England will make it into the play-offs for the 7th time in a row and keep their PGA-board.

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