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Brand Snedeker to win 2018 Wyndham Championship after March-Sunday Brandt Snedeker won the Wyndham Championship by firing five out of 65 in the finals at Sedgefield CC in North Carolina. Snedeker, who on Thursday gave a historical 59th World Cup match. Waking up early Sunday, Snedeker completed the third round with 68 points to take a one-shot advantage through 36-hole. The groups entered the finals in threes. He started off on a high note with Brain Gay and David Hearn.

Brand Snedeker at the Wyndham Championship 2018 finale. Three strokes behind the victor, he crossed the finish line with 62. C. T. Pan, who was caddying with his spouse, also did a run at Snedeker.

For the second year Snedeker scored 20 under with a par-5 birdy at the fifteenth-holes. At the age of 18 he never glanced back and made a birdie for a three-round win. A long-standing international, Snedeker has taken part in several Ryder and Presidents Cups for the United States. We will see if his formidable achievement will convince Ryder Cup skipper Jim Furyk to give him a selection of captains for the September Ryder Cup.

This means that he will have more options in the next few months to wow Capt. Furyk. By chance, Furyk shot a 63 on Sunday's last lap to end T4, four rounds back from Snedeker.


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Brand Snedeker beats Wyndham Championship 3 times

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Brandt Snedeker started the Wyndham Championship with a story -- and ended it with a win. Sna? Deker acquired his ninth PGA Tour title on Sunday, three days after opening with 11 under 59. With a 65 for a 3-stroke win in the normal finals of the year, he broke with C.T. Pan on the last pocket with a Birdie and Pan's Doublebogey in the group before.

Snaedeker ended at 21 under 259 for his first victory since 2016 and his second at the event, but first at Sedgefield Country Club to shut down what he named the most stressful-week I' ve ever had in pro golf. It was a great success. When he shot 59 on Thursday, your hopes went through the roof," said Snedeker, and also expressed his boast that "in the way we did today, he was able to surpass it to be playing just about a perfect round of golf. 3.

"Brandt obviously had a great weekend.... so I knew it took something very low. Snedeker opened the competition with the 59 that made him the first ever touring star this year and only the tenth in a row. Then on the last of the days, he underplayed 29 wholes at 5 to lock it up.

He' the fifth qualifier to fire in the'50s and beat the competition. He' s never been in any risk of missin' the play-offs for the first one in his life, but winning gave him a big step onto the pointsheet. "In all honesty, I had no way of winning the FedEx Cup before this weekend, said the 2012 play-off-championship.

"As of this coming weeks, I have the feeling that I have a window. For a while it seemed as if there was going to be a play-off between Pan and Snedeker, which at 20 were even below Pan's last one. "All I did was play a lousy house, which is all right. Apparently unavoidable with the victory at this point, Snedeker declined a 20-foot birdy putting t on the eighteenth to finish it, making him the tenth-player to win time and time in Greensboro.

He won here in 2007, the first of his careers, this year beating the one-year competition records of Henrik Stenson. "He wanted to beat this competition so badly, it was just a whole bunch of emotions this week," he said. The bad wheather caused the organisers to postpone the third round with 30 remaining runners and brought everyone back to Sedgefield on Sunday mornings, allowing Snedeker to finish with 29 matches on the last Sunday.

Every third-place finish who was so far below par has won since the move of the competition in 2008. Sedgefield's other side story is the last-minute pushing for the play-offs that start next weekend at The Northern Trust in New Jersey with the top 125 people.

Since every single person between numbers 122 and 127 missed the average, there was a lot of motion near the bladder. For the first relegation in his history, Sergio Garcia will miss the play-offs after finishing 131rd on the pointsheet. It was Harris English and Nick Taylor playing their way in, where Taylor said he would "somehow absorb it and realise that we made it.

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