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Boston Top 5 venues for independent artists (and how to get them!) Now, just think, you book a show without being familiar with the musical world - the locations, the big indigenous groups, the reservation agencies and so on. If you' ve been to the city where you want to perform, it can be very useful to get to know the locals - and not just where to get the best burgers.

Sound information about the event locations is particularly useful. It is important, as an independant performer working to expand his fan base, to play in an appropriate size in front of the right number. Boston has so many locations that offer possibilities for aspiring performers that it was difficult to limit them to the top five.

These are our tips, but if you've ever performed at another location in Boston, please leave a message below to share with other indies! The Berklee College of Music's Red Room in Cafe 939 is an expansion that houses concerts almost every single evening of the month. The civil wars, Kate Nash, Owl City, Hozier and Young the Giant all performed the private, 200-person series.

As long as they are able to reach their capacities, they will be regarded as headliners on a regular basis. Supportive groups get a little more room, they have to pull at least 50. For those just getting started, the Red Room offers open microphone evenings as a useful way to refine your skills and exchange ideas with other music professionals.

You can find the reservation information here. This Cambridge restaurant/club band is led by New York-based The Bowery, so the Sinclair calendars are of course flooded with well-known independents (and some big labels). The maximum is 525, so when big acts like Manic Street Preachers and Ben Folds play, the ticket is usually sold out.

It' s uncommon for a brandnew look to adorn a bill, but they are taken into consideration, and a large fan base will certainly have some influence. Enquiries should be addressed to The Bowery, not to the location. The Brighton Music Hall is quite new, but the building's fame as the main event location in Boston is not. For more than 40 years, the commercial has provided a platform for the hard-core community as well as a focal point for big band and domestic tours.

So Brighton Music Hall is a completely different kind of place - but not necessarily one that has ignored its past. The rock'n' rolls are lively and good there; just like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Sonics and Bane are examples of the venerated groups that appear there. The Brighton Music Hall is one of a group of locations that include the Paradise Rock Resort with more than 800 seats.

We also take into account the presence of groups with a large following.

It was in 1975 that they joined the room next to it to do what is now the 194-person area on the upper floor, partly thanks to the Boston rock'n'roll books of the time. In the early 2000s, we added delicious food, but the rooms for the musicians remained the same. Three different capacities allow the Middle East to accept a variety of belts from emerald to mature.

They are open to the style they are booking and they are socially engaged in their effort to break down some of the locals' band. Nevertheless, it is a location for 240 people, so the capacity to get a lot done is certainly something they are considering. Historically - since 2004 they focus on independently performing all kinds of genres- Great Scott has housed Of Montreal, Wolfmother, Magnolia Electric Co. and Hot Chip as well as Boston-based artists such as Hooray for Earth and Clickers.

Please review the terms and conditions carefully before placing your order. And we also like these great Boston locations and organizers who are currently looking for independant artists: Find out more about how to reserve great gigs: Born in Atlanta, Jhoni Jackson is a San Juan, Puerto Rico-based musical writer who enjoys juggling with Club 77, writes as much as she can and of course goes to the beaches as often as possible.

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