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Synchronize your bookmarks, the current reading position and all your notes and highlights between your Android device, your desktop and your online bookshelf applications. Bookshelf allows you to download and access VitalSource textbooks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Bookcase is the best way to organize your books and also improve the furnishing of your rooms. Online bookshelves in India at the best price. Complimentary examples of learning English on your tray or online e-books for courses and graded readers.

The Bookshelf Online Overview - Bookshelf Support

The Bookshelf Online is developed to make it simple, intuitively and entertaining to learn. In order to give you an impression of how you can use Bookshelf Online, the following describes the processes of literacy, interaction and study with Bookshelf Online. When an eTextbook is in your eTextbook window, click on the eTextbook sleeve to open the new one.

In your e-Textbook, click the Lookup symbol on the navigation toolbar on the lefthand side to launch the Find utility. Browse your e-text books to find the text you want. If you are searching in Bookshelf Online, the chapter/section header displays the number of results found, and you can order by books (first to last, last to first).

To quickly browse to a specific section in Online, click the Table of Content symbol on the navigation area. A click on any of the chapters with an arrows (which shows the sub-sections ) moves the content to the next one. Do you not like the search or table of content located?

On-line remembers your next preference. As well as read eText books, you can make book chapters and notebooks. Memos and highlighting are saved and synchronized with Bookshelf on the various machines. Mark the text to make a selection. Memos can be text, pictures, emotifs, lists and more.

You can click a highlighted object to open the Highlighter utilities for changing the colour of the highlighted object, adding/editing a memo or deleting the highlighted object. Use the Quick Accentuate utility at the bottom of the window if you want to make highlighting when selecting text.

Select the desired highlighted colour and then begin with the text selection that will emphasise the text for you then. Disable Near Lighting by pressing the Near Lighting symbol on the tool bar and choosing the Near High Light. This function is only available for touch screen units. Prepare for a quiz and test with the personal created features and memos without ever quitting Bookshelf Online.

To start, click the notebook symbol on the lefthand side of your e-Textbook and click Start Verification View. Choose the chapter you want to check, and then click Start Check. You can click More Option to view only highlight and note items to randomise the maps displayed and to specify which highlighter you want to use in the check state.

These functions can develop further on the basis of your feedbacks, become a new function in Bookshelf Online or get out of the lab.

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