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Describe your text as if no one would ever do it. More than 30 million volumes have been distributed and more than 30 million translations have been made. What made you start writing your new work? I' ve been reading various journalist' essays about middle-aged persons in long-term relations who take "marriage sabbaticals". "Apparently, the problem is a reaction to our increasing longevity in the West, where you like your spouse and plan to spend your day with him, but at the same moment you want a temporary freeze.

Several of the infamous swabbaticals I have been reading about were completely harmless - the individual would leave or go away to voluntarily report or study something new. In other cases, however, they wanted "sabbaticals with advantages" - which gave me personal terror, but it seemed to be an interesting thing to talk about and a new twist in the much derided midlife war.

Where' d you put that work? Type your text as if no one would ever do it. Cause then it liberates me to be completely sincere, to investigate any awkward emotions that my personality could have. What is it that has led you through the darkest time of your entire existence?

I' m sorry if that sounded like boasting, but when I went through a long magic of terrible depressiveness, which began in 2009, I began to publish a novel in which I gave my personality my terrible state of thought. Took me about two years to finish my paper - it' s titled The Secrets of Mercy Close - and it was a great help to me because I was able to express how depressed they actually felt and how different they were from what I was always telling.

I also found it a consolation that although the pace of advancement was painful and sluggish, I could still continue to type - in thrusts - and it gave me hopes that one of these days I would return to myself. Do you have a work you think is a culpable treat?

What is more important: The beginning of a work or the end? There are a hundred different ways to begin a single work and none of them are that important. Readers have come a long way with the character and story and must do so with a feeling of "Okay, I like that and I believe that.

How does it feel to be part of it? "Walkiing the pier" is one thing - children roller-skating or those who take their dog with them or those like me who march with them, my man in drag while I "talk to" him. I' m saying all the confused action or personality thing in my mind and he's not obligated to say anything, and usually some things are more clear when I get home.

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