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Thirteen children's book authors who would also have written beautiful fiction for adults

Loved children's writer Judy Blume has published a new one. It' s Me, Margaret, her latest work, In The Unlikely Even, is sold to grown-ups. Blume's choice - or perhaps her publisher's choice - to publish another adult edition takes us back to a much-read blog about the debates in the books world:

How do children's books, YA-romances, and grown-up books differ? On the basis of this concept, one could assume that there will be children's characters in children's books; in grown-up books, the celebrities are over 18 years of age. 3. In spite of the differences, some folks think that a good children's or YA novel should be legible for all ages, even grown-ups.

According to a 2012 Bowker Market Research survey, 55 per cent of those who buy literature for young grown-ups are actually only grown-ups. They read the books for themselves. We end the narrative by agreeing with Meg Wolitzer, a novelist who ended her look at the "YA War" with a good side note: "When you're in a good script, you can't even listen to the drums.

But in honour of Blume's latest expedition into the grown-up literature scene, we have chosen some of our other favourite authors for children's literature and YA and introduce ourselves to a space in which they have also made books for the grown-up. Or more precisely, a cosmos in which these authors have written tales with grown-ons.

See, the 13 authors we would have liked to have written literature for adults: Some of the best young grown-up writers know that grown-ups don't have to be rogues. Their books enabled grown-ups and children who are classic to become acquaintances and acquaintances and learn from each other. Certainly she would have made a marvelous grown-up author if she had taken this road.

A Wrinkle in Time, a sci-fi classical whose power comes from this interaction, is her most celebrated work. It was the adulthood between children and adults that tempted a legion of young people, but for me a calmer example set the seal on the deed.

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