Books Written by Children

Children's books

The three books, classics in their genres, were written by young people. These are a list of remarkable books by young authors and books written before the author's twentieth birthday. There are two renowned children's literature advisors who recommend poems for school and public library collections. During difficult times, children's books that are rich in stupidity, sadness and hope can convey a feeling of understanding and help readers - even adults. The majority of children with serious illnesses do not become doctors, gymnasts or firemen.

Reading a book by a child

From scurrilous to dramatic, these beautiful novels show us that it is never too early to begin to write, and young people' s voice is always there. Let's begin with this funny Alec Greven novel when he was just ten years old! He' s been on several US talkshows and his textbooks are best-sellers.

You can see from the cover of this volume that Alec is just finding you when it comes to finding your mother. These are some of Alec' tips: Mothers don't like to find strange things in their bags; mothers like beautiful memos; don't use your shirts as napkins or Kleenex.

Sources: books are enlightening, informative and sometimes coy. Would you like to know more? Talking of heroes, it is likely that the first female writer to come to our attention when you saw our essay was Anne Frank, who was 13 years old when she wrote down her experience in her journal while she hid with her hosts during the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands.

Finally Anne and her familiy were found and sent to Germany, where the young author was killed by typhoid fever. It has been widely shared by thousands of people around the globe and is still a profoundly respected testimony of the people. We have it in our library of course - just look at it and visit it here.

A best-selling New York Times writer, Nancy Yi Fan wrote Swordbird, a novel in an imaginative birds' paradise that she began to write at the age of 11. Together with other books like Sword Quest and Sword Mountain she expanded this imaginary game.

The eagle's dandelion celebrated her sky-born birthday when her wife and daughter were assaulted, and she is severely beaten. Please click here. An extraordinary native writer, Gabby Tye wrote her first novel when she was only 11 years old. Now at 18, she is Singapore's youngest bestseller writer!

The topics at stake are the scarcity of foods, GM plants and the ethic of surviving in a global environment where grown-ups have failed their kids in a frantic effort to rescue themselves. Click here to view the first volume.

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