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The search for the best children's books by celebrities can be overwhelming given the number of publications available. Children's poems about family, death and life. Kids can process life experiences by writing and reading poems. Sometimes these stories are written by children themselves. BHP strives to design books that are pleasing both to the eye and to the touch.


has also led to the emergence of more and more highly gifted young novelists as publicized creators. Sure, children's playwrights like Newbery Prize-winning Kwame Alexander likened him to a young Rick Riordan, but we wondered: In order to make this listing, you must have been released as a youngster, sometimes even much younger.

So, Bret Easton Ellis and Stephen Crane and Mary Shelley, who all released their first books at the tender ages of 21? Much too old. Here are 30 books of 30 miracles: Luke Herzog's second 14-year-old novel, edited by Why Not Books in 2014, is an epoxy story that takes place in the country of the Alastians.

Has a bug-hating dislike, likes the Harry Potter show, does a good song and books. At 6 years of age he wrote his first novel, The Way to the Future, a volume about kites, spirits and magic potionshops. When he was 10 years old, he released Totally Teen Adventure, which was about characters older than the teens. "Take a few monozygotic dyslexics, give them the right typing abilities and creative powers, and then be double-decorated.

Even before they graduated from high schools, they created four books (including the next two books in the Strand series), a script and a cartoon - and a non-profit organization named Motivate 2 Learn, whose goal is to inspire young reading and writing-spirit to surmount all the hurdles on their way.

When she began to find out more about the September 11 bombings as a sixth-grader, she woke up from a lively bird's sleep and chose to go to her computer and start writing a script that could send a signal of serenity. HarperCollins finally released it in 2008.

50,000 books. It followed with a premquel, Sword Quest, and a third volume, Sword Mountain. They are twin, borne in 1988 as the son of an India sire and a UK sire. At the age of 11, they drew up the first sketch of the conspiracy of Calaspia, a 16-year-old Bryn Bellyset novel (heir to a beverage empire racing to rescue Calaspia from an endangered wicked power).

It was a bestselling publication when the Gemini were 17 years old. Over 70,000 specimens are in the press, and the volume was the first in a trialogy known as Insanity Saga. We' re going to have the Gemini working on a second set. At the age of 9, she was writing a 60-page self-help manual, Help Hope & Happiness, about how children can deal with getting divorced.

A year later it was edited by Aultbea Verlag and converted into the following languages: English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Taiwanese and Mandarin. Her name Aultbea bought two more books (a large part of the proceeds went to her own efforts to help her in her search for a book). He also released five volumes of poems that began with Heartsongs when he was a teenager.

Eventually Stepanek died of a uncommon type of muscle veystrophy, the same illness that struck his older brother and his older brother in early infancy, but his story remains the same... Paolini recognises as the youngest writer in a bestseller film. It was released by Random House two years later, in 1999, and she received accolades from everyone, from Publishers Weekly to Rosie O'Donnell.

Their next novel, "appeared the following year and was an ALA Quick Pick for young readers. Over the next two years, she continued to write two more books in the Victor line, then finished a critical and celebrated five-book line on Shapeshifter, reverted to the initial line, written five more books, and is now working on her own triology.

In 1954, at the tender of 16, Toole was writing the neon Bible. So Toole couldn't release it. Then, he written A Confederacy of Dunces, which again had difficulties to navigate through the publisher's gloves. So Toole killed himself in 1969. The second of his books was released afterhumously. After many fights between Toole's mom and other family members, the Neon Bible was released eight years later.

1995 a movie was published on the basis of the script. 7-year-old Jason Gaes, suffering from a very common type of cancers, wrote a novel about his two years of success in fighting the illness, surgery and radiotherapy and chemistry, how boyfriends don't chuckle at being bald, how families can help and how children can deal with it.

It was released in 1987 by a firm named Melius Peterson. Spelling mistakes remain - "The spinal and bony macros are poor no matter how far you go, but they go quicker when you roll up and try to relax...." - which makes the volume even more available. Altogether he has produced more than 17 million books.

He won a number of high schools awards and was then commissioned by The New York Times Magazine to create An Eighteen Year Old Looks Back on Life. Several other books she has written, among them To The For, which became a movie with Nicole Kidman. This lasted about 18 month and was released in 1967 when she was 18 years old.

In 1962, at the tender of four, little Dorothy was writing the novel for her grandma. It was released by Pantheon Books in 1964. Today it is regarded as a rarest of books, because of the author's record-breaking years. When she was nine, someone else had written a story about her L'Affaire Minou Drouet. When she was 10 years old, she herself was released.

During this period she also produced three other books. When she was 21, she began a carreer as a song writer and children's author (birthday) in the loft before her wife and daughter were sold out and Anne died of typhoid fever in the high school. When Hull was 14 and Whitlock 15, while the British classmates protected themselves from a rain shower, agreed to work on a children's and children's book written by children (or at least teenagers).

You were writing alternative sections, and Whitlock added illustration. A year later, in 1937, her novel (it is about ponies) was released, the name comes from a poetry by Matthew Arnold. Seven years later Fidra Books reprinted the novel. Concerning the young women, two more books followed in the next two years.

Though she kept writing, she never released again. Hilda Conkling - the poetess Grace Conkling's daugther - started writing her own poems at the tender ages of four when her dadburned. She used to record it, and her mom used to. It was soon featured in journals such as Good Housekeeping.

Her first volume of poems was released at the tender age of ten, followed two years later by another compilation entitled Shoes of the Wind. And a third collection: Shelley Mary (who at 21 was writing Frankenstein) was perhaps too old for this listing, but not her husban. Well-known for his poesy (e.g. "Prometheus Unbound"), he already released two Gothic novels and two volumes of poems at the tender of the 19.

which went into several issues and was the kind of textbook that was schooled (young George Washington duly imitated the rules).

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