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Be part of the African and Caribbean Books and Writers Group at the Chelmsford Library every first Saturday of the month. Wellcome to Writer's Bookstore! The book is a collection of essays about writers and their mothers by authors such as Ian McEwan, Martin Amis and Margaret Drabble. Will The Writers' Workshop and Imprint Bookstore work? We' re a contact point for writers and a versatile general bookstore.

The BBC Radio 6 Music - Paperback Authors

The 6 Music's Paperback Writers gives fascinating glimpses into the kind of musical inspiration that has taken the writers of some of the most contemporary classics." However, the flow of arts is twofold, so what about the kind of writing that draws inspiration from it? David Bowie, who was missing a lot, unveiled not just one but 100 favorite books for an exhibit at the 2013 Annual Gallery of Ontario.

There was an Aussie reporter trying to get all 100. It' s brutal," he said to the NME in 2015. Ryan wasn't the only one in the musical community who felt the influence of Mark Baker's work. "Fugazi got its name from this book," he added. "I' m only reading non-fiction," he said to GQ-Magazin in 2013.

" But he is an avid non-fiction writer who enjoys "reading about things that actually happened" and says that books like Ernest R. May's The Kennedy Tapes, about the White House during the Cuban crisis, are the kind of books he can "get into".

" A classicist, Laura Marling cited Jane Austen and the Bronte Sisters as her favorite writers when The Guardian asked her about her literary practices in 2008. "she was a huge supporter of Russell Brand's monograph My Booky Wook.

At the beginning of 2017 Laura became 6 music host and played a choice of her favorite melodies. The Libertines is Carl Baratt's favorite textbook, and Ayn Rand chose The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand as his favorite reading. "It' s about two archi-tects, one possessed by this vision and one who wants to become an artist," he said to NME in 2015, "It is astonishing.

Every employee of the record company reads Scrum: "If we were to publish five of our works, myself included, we knew we had to find a way to make sure we were on schedule," she said to Billboard Magazin in 2015. He candidly talked about his own experience with grade A narcotics during the band's golden age, and his favorite novel is one of the most popular stories about drug abuse in the world of writing, William Burroughs' Junkie.

"It' s a classics story about Burroughs heroine addiction life," he said to NME in 2015 when he talked about what he had seen on the go. "I hadn' t seen it for a long while, but I wanted to try again. "No wonder Björk's favorite books aren't exactly hip hop and she says she never reads the same books twice - apart from the Anais Nin journals.

"It is so inspirational! It seems to be meant to be a film," she said to The Guardian in 2012. One of the brightest musicians in the world, Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, says that his favorite books are focused on Asperger's disease because of his concern for how people's people work.

Two books on this topic are mentioned as his selection of literature. "I' m obsessed with books about children with Asperger's disease. It' s my way of thinking," he said to GQ-Magazin in 2012. This and Jonathan Safran Foers Extely Loud And Incredibly Close- they are on a seperate shelve.

"but they' re in a perfect position. "The Catfish & The Bottlemen's favorite is Mike Skinner's Autobiographie, The Story Of The Streets. It unveiled his favorite part of the NME in 2015: is such an authoritative figure in his favorite textbook that the latest issues of Lipstick Traces by Greil Marcus include a striker from Manics' bass.

" "Lipstick Traces is the band's sacred Bible, our counterpart to the Good Book, without clichés.

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