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Writing books

If you are writing a self-help book, it is easy to cross the line to write a memoir. It is important advice when writing a book. "It's time to listen to them.

It'?s an analysis of the book rules: Shall we put it in our accounts?

Several of us have very serious regulations for our readings, touches or even breaths on our scroll. Don't put a torn back on it. However, since the discovery of this place, which we call the web, I have come across other courageous, more fearless bookies, including other Rioter who are laughing at such theories.

Let us love a book as we like it! Who' takes care of the regulations? they explain how the suffragets must have shouted, who needs a corset anyway? and I admit, lately I have occasionally nodded my heads as they say that. I' ve even written in a book.

In some cases, an entire section is marked at once. I write down my reaction on the edge. Is that a ruling perhaps a ruling that' s to be broken? It' that a discussion begins with reading. Then you can have another talk with yourself when you return to this volume week, month or year later.

Actually, when you think about it, it's like having a certain amount of spare human hand overtime. It is a opportunity for you to see what your younger self thought, and it is a opportunity for you to see how your mind has shifted. You can see what your younger self thought.

A further advantage is that you can talk to someone else. Recently my mom chose to start studying To Key a Mockingbird. Thinking about it, another possibility could be to have an intensive intelectual discussion on some of the most sustainable topics of our times when one reads the commented copy of a copy of a novel, especially one as famous and discussed as To Kil a Mockingbird.

It' s the addition of another level of idea and viewpoint that you can browse alongside your own. For most of the while I can only think of myself sittin' down with a textbook, maybe for the first reading, opening it.... and seeing someone else's thoughts contaminate the pages. It' astonishing to get a shot at bringing my inner thoughts into being physical.

But... is it really a worthwhile gamble? Shall we put it in our accounts? Are there other book rules to disregard (or perhaps not to ignore)?

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