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Suggested books on journal writing. Browse and click on the thumbnail of your book to write and publish it! In the last three years, a respected group of authors, editors and teachers has published at least seven books on scientific writing. What is the best way to write a blurb? The writing of descriptive text for your book is a great opportunity to highlight it for your desired audience.

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Are you supposed to write in your books?

An ancient discussion on which we do not agree is whether it is okay to write in books. While some of us may say that a holy scripture should never be desecrated, others do not think it is such a biggie. There' some, like me, who think it will depend on the current state of affairs and the text.

When we are at home, especially in our colleges, we are urged to write in our books, so we are forced to buy them. Especially as English majors we are often forced to take note, comment on pages and write at the side edges. You' d think we English don't mess with books, but we don't.

Often we refrain from reading just because it is a literary work and we do not want to destroy it. When it' an old one, we shall never tag it, and it will remain forever intact. But there are many situations that could justify a pens for booking actions.

You could, for example, get a writers autographed work! Then of course there should be something written in this one. There are books on the other side that have a cover to write your own name as the holder of the work.

I' m a little indulgent when it comes to bookwork. You should write in your books: Apart from these, I don't think there should be any letter in books! I' d say if you have the desire to write on the edges, just mark some stick-on note on the pages!

What do you think of bookmaking?

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