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When my brother and then my best friend immigrated to the USA, I wrote this book for them. When I was about two years old, I had polio. Take a look at the first two chapters of Book Accelerator. The tendency of writing is to scare people, and for good reason. You can put the first sentence of a letter of application in the trash.

Writing Tips - Liz Kessler

Let us begin with a very important one: write about things that interest you. It' difficult for a novelist to write about something he's not interested in. Can' t if you don't like it do you? The same applies to the letter. Keep to what you're really excited about, and you'll find the font will run much easier.

But then I started to write a textbook about it! I' ve got a guideline for the early phases of your history or your poetry or your work. That means - when you begin to write your history, don't think about orthography or language. Now, press his "silent" switch to let you write in peace.

A part of the pleasure of being a novelist is that you have a good reason to walk through beautiful stationary-stores. If you are already a stationary enthusiast, you are already half a succesful author! Keep your laptop close at hand and you can catch it and write it down before it flies away.

It' a tough one, because you have to be wary of who you vote for. When they say,'Honey, you look wonderful,' you know they're too preoccupied with your emotions to give you the pain. When they say, "Horror," they're no good either, because they don't care enough about your sentiments!

It is the phase in which you have to take care of orthography and vocabulary. It' not because you have to stick blind to certain regulations, but because you want to enjoy reading your history as simply and entertainingly as possible - and that is what a good student can do. So, get rid of your work and try to get it out of your mind.

The best way to do this is to write something new! You have to work really harder if you want to get there, but it's possible. It' about what works for you. I needed five books to find out what'my' way was. Now I' ve found it, I' m luckier with my letter than ever before!

Yes, sometimes it' difficult to write, but it should be a lot of pleasure. Living is here to indulge, and if typing is one of your ways to do that, then do it! There' s always a trip and a quest - whether for a history or a new pastime or something - and to find the way there is part of the joke!

Write AND be at my favorite spot.

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