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Life-history books

and a Journal from Uncommon Goods. MlLLIFE IN A BOOK: From you to me: Memory Journal, which records your mother's amazing stories. This is your free, recording Life Stories e-book. Authors enjoy regular personal interviews over four to five months.


She and her beloved ones have had some astonishing lifetimes. You' ve got tales to tell, advices to give and many more. We' re interviewing with our own personal and personal approach and recording your life story in sound and a top notch hardcover so that your beloved ones and coming generation can not only listen to your own words but also your own personal voices.

We' re a group of dental histories who specialize in the histories of everyone, because we are all a part of the story and especially of our familynes. We all have life-challenging experiences and the way we have gone, along with detailing our oldest and places we have been.

Those recollections should go on living, and your real story in one place for ever more is inestimable. An individual's verbal life story, which includes their infancy, their families, their private lives, their work, their lives, their stories and their views, is recorded forever. With our many years of verbal and professional expertise, we have created a truly original system of interviews to learn more about you and your work.

It' a mix of details your familiy needs to know about your grand-parents, for example, with the evolution of your life and work. You will be interviewed informally by our kind and experienced'Life Recorders' who will talk to you about your life story and your background.

It is also available in several different tongues so that individuals can talk in their own language and mother tongues, with the German language version available in the print version of the books and the e-book. Privacy is our top concern and we ensure that everything you tell us is for your use and enjoyment only and that all information is kept in confidence.

Books and sound files will only be supplied to you or your commissioned recipient and will not be made public or otherwise disseminated. When you place your order, you will be provided with a welcome pack that contains both a welcome guide that tells you what to look forward to during the checkout and a gift certificate that you can use anytime.

Then we will choose one of our expert Life Recorders and provide it to you. Life Recorder will call you at the agreed upon times and conduct a casual and pleasant conversation in our unrivalled video recording program. Every interviewee takes about 60-80 min. All of our testimonies should be a very pleasant event - folks like to tell the story of their life and we like to listen to them.

With our convincing Q&A file system (Question & Answer) we translate and process your interviews in a professional manner and create a high-quality hardcover and e-book with your words and the photos you upload. We' ll also make a CD and CD as well as an MP-3 file of the sound recordings of your interviews. The Life Story Pack, consisting of a hardcover cover album, CD and Hi-Fi flash drive, will be sent to you by messenger in an appealing case as a great present or souvenir.

Further specimens can be ordered for families and fans at any tim. Ebooks and recorded music are also available through your secured log-in area. You' ve finished the record of your life! We are proud of our kindness, our ability to listen and listen to interviews in researching your past and experience, as well as our professionality and the end product you will have.

After all, we are enthusiastics who enable individuals to exchange their life experience, tell their story and provide a valuable record that catches not only the words but also the voices behind this singular story. "I was just finishing it and I loved it. Once again, many thanks to you and your staff.

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