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Online reading books for children

A children's online book library where children can discover and read stories on a computer or tray free of charge. Explore our free eBooks for kids. Traditional Books OnlineSee more classics ". Selected books by grade. Camping Spree with Mr.

Have a look at these great pages to read and watch stories online.

Finding a Books | Oxford Owl

Reading with Oxford" contains the popular personalities that have helped kids read for over 30 years. The Gruffalo is a book by Julia Donaldson, writer of The Gruffalo. You can read Write Inc. There are some great tips Isabel Thomas has to share on how to help hesitant people get into books.

Use these SATs Skills to get ready for the KS2 SATs with your notebooks, flash cards and test pap.

Children | - Library of the Congress

This book centre in the Congress Centre is an invitation for anyone of all age groups to explore the intriguing places, stories and happenings that are waiting for them to read. presents a selection of books proposed that will stimulate the reader's fantasy and take them to new and thrilling places. Search these books in your regional collection.

These books complement the online resource of the American Memory website. After every listing follows a hyperlink to the corresponding online resource. Childrens Press, 1997. This is Clarion Books, 1987. Avon Books, 1997. Series of Morrow Junior books, 1995. Cluarion Books, 1990. Cottage, 1990. The Chelsea House, 1995. Double day, 1990. Heny Hold and Co., 1990.

Childrens Press, 1994. Childrens Press, 1997. "Dear L.M. Montgomery, one of the greatest influence from books I have read this year comes from your Anne of Green Gables.

Classical Books -

Browse through the pages to discover past epochs, time-honored stories and historic stories. Adventures await you in these classical books online. The first in a Tarzan Creator's line, this volume shows sword fighting, bold tricks, romanticism, and six-legged extraterrestrials, while Confederate Captain John Carter is enigmatically transferred to Barsoom, which we know as Mars.

"This is a children's object notebook with pictures of ordinary folk, places and things. "Fairytales of the Grimm Brothers" Fairytales of the Grimm Brethren. From" Fairy stories that every kid should know. This is a selection of the best fairy stories of all time and of all authors".

"Beasts in this ledger show that they are cleverer than people. "Young Tales of Tarzan" The 6th volume in the beloved show of the Dark Lord. "Tales of Arthur and his mythical knights of the Round Table."

"Mom Goose Finger Plays" finger dolls are accompanied by a selection of specially designed mother-goose stories. "Very Very First Little Teutonic Book" This volume encourages the reader to study Teutonic by containing basic phrases with an original version in Canadian. "Nocturns with Uncle Remus" A favourite among the Uncle Remus stories.

"This is the beginning of the story of Sherlock Holmes, the expert investigator. "The 800,000 glib Americans, whose brains and muscles are watching over our trade, are guarding us securely on travels of joy and grief..... Ruth's carreer is documented in his latest publication with selected photos, notes and stories.

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