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Many parents, including yours, are not sure how they can help their children. I have made writing my ultimate goal, I have read exactly zero books from other people. A short book that helps writers not to be afraid of the keyboard or the pen and help them write more. So I decided to ask a group of female writers what they think of self-help books. His book should partly address this in order to help competent writers to become good writers.

Does it help me to read?

It seems to be the way some folks think, but I haven't seen that it actually does something for someone's work. Allow me to tell you how I began to write in every point of my entire lifetime, when that was actually one thing. I' ve been typing once in a while since I was old enough to keep a crayon, and I was reading when I was a child.

I didn't find it helpful to read it back then. I took my first steps in the field of creativity in high schools and began afresh. I didn't find it helpful to read in this grade either. So when I came to the thought of becoming a novelist, I didn't take up a novel much later and began to read again, sit down and began to write to publish.

One of the things I was looking at was how to spell a number of different things correctly. Neither of these processes included the literacy of any of the above. Today I refine my handicraft into a better shape, and in the days when I have made typing my final objective, I have literally reread zero of others' work.

Instead, I actually sit down, write and edit, and review my work, and critically consider how I can formulate things better, how I can compose a sequence, what I can add to which section, and so on. To put it briefly, I improve my typing by actually typing.

That' s why I always tell them that if they want to improve their literacy, they actually have to type, because my own story is the only evidence I need to show that it doesn't take you there. A lot of folks don't think so, and you know what, that's good, they don't have to go with me, but they didn't see what I saw, because if they did, they would say the same thing I'm saying now.

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