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Man, they're hard working souls. You have some decisions to make. It doesn't take talent to produce them. So all you have to do is stick to it. People will always be interested in your opinion of the books you have read.

So You Think You Can World, my novel is out now!

I' m really apt to allotment (beyond aflutter, statesman kind ecstatic-mad) that one of my ample passion and being imagination is haping, present day: a product, backhand by yours really, is now widely gettable for selling in the estate and Kindle on Amazon. You Think You Can World is a guide I've worked on all year.

This year of my first year of drafting and finishing my first volume, you are betting that I have a new regard for the writers. Meanwhile, in some serious quantities of 2 and 4 am evenings, I have become an ill-healthy victim of my community and I now have an uncomfortable far too intimate connection with British philology after rounding and rounding off the revision that has emerged from the letter of the work.

But it was rewarding, because I'm excited to release So You Think You Can? today. Here is a video about me and why you should buy my books. Who' s so you think you can type for? It is for the author who wants to take his abilities from off-line to on-line and earn cash (see my marketing bonuses section) AND for the shopkeeper who wants to produce and post rewarding, really good on-line work.

What's the point of buying my book? You' ll come back with better typing abilities. Whoever you are, I'd wager you' ll be learning something you didn't know how to spell it. Whether that's how to select your key words, a new, awesome contented implement from my appendices and resources listings, or an uncommon way of calling yourself ?you-?you, I wager you're going away with something to take away and use right now in your on-line typing.

I' d like to know, because I' m working on my next few titles. Acquiring the basic written abilities of great on-line contents now arrive at only one place. This is just one of several textbooks I would like to publish on this topic, for your information. However, what I'm saying is that all the good sense of what I've learnt to do is to be a success and that have taken me years to educate myself are now in one place in So You Think You Can World.

Wouldn't you rather have a single volume in your hands than hundred items and downloads to use? You' ll soon realize that there is a careers in on-line typing, and you'll know the basics of how to make your own. There is a great need for good authors today. I am passionately interested in helping share this need and to teach creatives how to apply their typing abilities to better meet this need on-line.

Well, I've always wanted to make every individual able writer who wanted ?a, a careers of freelancers like me did - a way to get the necessary skill in one place. So You Think You Can World?

What happend with the literature? I' m still a keen writer of literature. You' re asking yourself what happend to my mediaeval notion when I was 12 years old: But I rewrote the whole thing 16 years ago and still have it deeply in a dropbox where it probably won't see the daylight.

It' just not my favourite area ofiction any more. I' m working on a fictitious narrative that is more in the kind of fictive I like: post-apocalyptic, global, End-of-Earth ?think-?think Hunger Games, The Giver, The Giver, Chronicles of Narnia, Divergent). And I' m working on the history of my own website ?something, which is necessary for me to be able to read, edit and publish.

I' m so thrilled to be sharing my reading with all of you.

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