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You can write in the following books

I guess there is no more creative company than writing a book for children. You can do everything from inspiration to printing your book. When you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or tools) to write. You have to go out and live your life: do things so that you can write from experience. "I know that many, many people had the same thought.

Let Samsung E-Books Let You Re-Enter and Produce

The Samsung e-book allows you to type on the pages. While we knew e-books would be a major topic at this year's fair, the surprising thing is that there are so many large size people. Samsung's small palette is rounded off with a 10-incher that combines the Kindle DX in its new global outfit, and Plastic Logic's huge 8.5 x 11-inch Que*Reader.

Samsung's e-books, the Samsung Ericsson 6 and 101, look like any other monochrome e-ink unit. However, when you have finished to read one of the 6 or 10 inch manuals, you can remove a pen and begin to scribble. Smaller scanners also have clandestine sliders concealed behind the display, and a software QWERTY on the display allows you to enter true text - your style scribbling remains exactly that and is not automatically converted to true text.

However, it is much simpler to write down a note at the top of the page than to do it the way you knock on the whimsical quickey. They were playing with me at the Samsung booth ("No photos, Sir. It's our politics this year.") and some photos. Like any other, the E-Ink display is similar, but when you use the pen to browse, the update that displays the menu locally is cleaner (but not faster) than the Kindle, for example.

Navigating is bulky and you never know whether to press a key, touch the pen on the monitor or use a touch (note: your touch does not work). However, the drawings are fast reacting and like with a genuine lead crayon. Hopefully there will be some extra polishing before these go to market, otherwise there will be yet another rush to take some disposals from the faulty guide, the Kindle.

Also a short Q&A to the Samsung booth visitors who asked: "What is the major distinction between this and the iPod Touch? Videoboxes,'notbooks' and e-books on the dominance of gadgets in 2010..... DX Amazon Kindle International:

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