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It is not people who "perhaps" have a book idea in them who think about it. I' m trying to offer a compact, rational answer that's enough. Can' t tell you how many times women have told me that they want to write a book "ONE DAY". I would have said something like "That's cool" in the past. You can write a three-page story, you can write a novel.

As one writes books for children: To write for kids is not an simple way to be made public, so why write for kids? books

We know that books can make a difference in life. If you are fortunate enough to write and distribute books for kids, there is the possibility of transforming young life in various ways. She could be the novel that encourages a kid to read, with a first taste of literacy; perhaps it is a favorite tale at bed time, or the first novel that a kid will read alone.

There may be an interesting new interest or understanding, calmness or the willingness to face a doubtful or scared state. She could be the novel that is torn down into literal plays, the tale that is actually written and recited and that is almost known by rote. Once your novel is out, it'll go further than you'll ever know.

While these are strong grounds for wanting to write for kids, let's get some out of here that probably won't get you far. The misunderstanding was not supported by the recent harvest of celebs who publish children's story. Well-known names certainly help in sales, but most of us don't have this great launch.

Racks and desks in editorial and agent agencies hang under the burden of unpublished tales that are sent in the faith that anyone can write for them. Often the best books come out of nowhere, not from an audit of the demands of the markets. I wrote this little piece and my boyfriends told me to publish it.

Nevertheless, for some apparent reasons, it is a general conviction that every related part of the letter merits publishing. In a recent Mary Hoffman poll for the Society of Authors, most children's authors were paid less than the basic salary. Few are selling millions of books; most of those who make their money from typing have worked for years.

Why write for kids? - Because you know that child literacy is so important that only the best you can provide is good enough. In Stone, Costa Children's Book of 2006; The Shell House and Santa Claus were short-listed.

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