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An alphabetical list of hand-picked books beginning with the letter'A', as well as links to excerpts, book club discussion guides, author interviews and biographies. The books that begin with Z and only z. Books that have "that" before the z do not count. and only books that have it. The books ask the right questions by starting with these questions: who, what, when, where, why and how.

A slow start -- When books begin slowly, does it affect your overall result of a book?

Alphabetical list of the best new publications with the initial letter'A'.

Collect 215 books beginning with "A" and win this one! These books take you to distant places and periods that broaden your spirit and defy you - the kind of books you just can't expect to tell your mates. Sign up for some of our best review, "beyond the book" article, bookshop information & give-aways by e-mail.

10 top opening szenes in books | books

I have a million ways a vote can persuade me to hear, but there are more ways it can not. Things get so much harder when I'm the author and not the readership of this opening part. I thought for a year that the five-page start was complete. After that, in a scarce overnight review pass, I erased it and substituted it all with a heel.

Now, no one is wasting a moment opening the work with the right emotion - a mixture of regrets and threats and secrets. There are 10 opening events that have pleased me enough to be unforgettable. At first I was coerced by the agitated, faltering tone of my voices, but in just two lines the storyteller pointed to the tension between past and present, mum and dad, England and Japan.

Maybe my years in New Orleans made me discover every unhappy by-product of a storm, but I can tell you that what the storyteller is talking about here is much weirder than anything you can possibly comprehend. The most marvelous book on the underground sex powers of our time.

The last phrase always makes me laugh. I' m sure I don't have to persuade you to persuade you to read Dickens, but has there ever been a better and clearer place to describe? While this one is breaking a whole bunch of ground rules you would learn in a course of creativity, it has enough enigma and drive that I don't do it.

I immediately go into the kind of silence that comes nearest to the essence of another individual I can imagin.

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