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Purchase a cheap copy of the book On Writing Short Stories by Tom Bailey. Write an entire short story based on your inspiration. The On Writing Short Stories is a unique collection of original essays by seven professional authors. Feature films can be profitable in various ways. They can use your stories for sales and advertising. short story of the year

The Brief Story of the Year now offers an inestimable chance for new and existing masters. A number of eminent writers have started their career with shorts, a style that occupies a prominent place in Ireland's literature as well. WINNER: John Boyne's adult and young reader books contain The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas and A history of loneliness, which has been nominated for this year's IRL.

SHORTSLIST: Hickey Christine Dwyer is a scriptwriter and screenwriter. It has won many renowned awards, among them the Ireland Novel of the Year Award. Folan has written essays in New Ireland Writing, The Dublin Review & The London Magazine and twice won the Francis MacManus Competition of RTÉ. He' the creator of the Freak Nights (New Island) series.

Among his celebrated international works are The Factory Girls, Baglady and the award-winning observatory The Sons Of Ulster String Towards The Somme. McLaughlin's first compilation of shorts will be released in Ireland by The Stinging Fly Press in 2015 and in the UK and USA by John Murray and Random House.

He is the writer of two books, The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December. He will publish his first compilation of shorts in March 2015.

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The new Writing Brief Stories have been continuously upgraded to contain new and improved tutorials, the latest information on new technology and a new vocabulary of the most important concepts and tools. With Ailsa Cox, a widely publicized author of shorts, she takes the readers through the most important facets of the trade, provides a wide range of case histories and samples of how others approach the art form, and puts together a number of exciting tutorials to refine your abilities.

It is the perfect guidebook for anyone new to the field or who wants to learn new techniques. She is a reader of English and Creativity at Edge Hill University, UK.

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