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This is a great, really curious book about the humiliating practice of fiction writing. It' a short story competition for writers. With the Rehoboth Beach Reads competition, the aim is to present good writing and at the same time create a great book for summer reading. Of novels, short stories and blogs up to comics and visual stories.

Write short stories: 60-minute master class

It seems that a good short novel seems to have succeeded without any effort, almost as if it had come out of the page completely. Feeling unnatural, genuine and - best of all - short, it can be an alternative to the much longer journey of his extensive family.

Writing short stories" will help you to make the most of the cut off shape. What can your short novel be more than just a very, very short comic? And, above all, how can you create a short novel that makes the readers want more - but the sense that the short novel has reached its full range of avenues?

Who' s telling the tale and how?

CAREERS PROFILE: Writing short stories to publish books - successfully

mmanuel Godfrey Makwaya, also known as Mwalimu Makwaya, is not only a master of the Word of God, but also an inspiring and motivating orator. Writing poetry, short stories and inspiring essays, he placed on the bulletin board of the board for his classmates to look at and the world.

Of course we will do it in our own school and office, but not at home. As most of us don't really like reading, writing is difficult, if not horrible. When I want to know something about Mwalimu Nyerere, where do I go and get information about him?

When it is difficult to find information about them, it would be even more difficult to find detail about individuals who are sportsmen and businessmen. Unless we are publishing about our own in our own languages, it will be difficult to grow the habits of literacy. Few who have the privilege of speaking English could be able to do so.

It is too important to explain in a few words, but at least you get a sense of why we don't type or just don't like it. In a way, we began to see some remote lighting when we were writing and when we were literate, especially now. Humans start readin' now, but the real test is what they do.

In this sense, I say that we still have a long way to go in the area of writing. The Hekaya za Hekima is a four-part book in which I tell short stories about and about sapience. Two of the four were released, including Hekaya za Hekima - Babu ju u ya kingoda, Hekaya za Hekima, Hekima upwarduni, Hekaya za Hekima -Mwalimu Darasani, Hekaya za Hekima - Bibi Mekkani.

Other books are on their way. How are your intentions for further work? How does your work plan look like when you work? It'?s in my veins now. This early in the day I have to do something I publish in there. Most of the time I am writing my books at nights and early in the mornings.

How do you get your information or inspiration for your books? There are many things in books, in the surroundings and also in this question. Which was one of the most amazing things you learnt while writing your books? He called me after he came to the clinic to thank me, because the helpers did it after they saw my script next to him.

They' re pleased with my work and just want me to promote more of my work so that it can be seen by everyone.

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