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To broaden your knowledge of textile printing, check out our guide to the ten best books on the subject. Development of letterpress printing from Gutenberg press to modern print-on-demand digital printing. The printing industry produces a wide range of products that are needed in every step of our daily lives. The printing industry produces a wide range of products that are needed in every step of our daily lives. Rapid turnaround, short-run printing in downtown Glasgow.

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We would like to present our Top 10 books on the subject of graphic-printing. We' ve compiled for you our most popular books on the subjects of book printing, silkscreen and stencils. You can deepen them in this hot time of the year. LetterpressBrandon Mise / Released by Laurence King This recently released hardcover is ideal for all fans of designs, arts and handicrafts.

The exhibition shows the work of nearly 100 printing machines from the United States, who still place great value on this tradition. In spite of increasing digitalization, this is a good way to research and understanding how these graphic artists - mostly freelancers - work, develop concepts and administer unusual workflows.

Graphic art, letterpress and graphic designRobert Klanten (author, editor), Hendrik Hellige (editor) / Verlag Gestalten This volume provides an overview of the rediscovery of old printing technologies and craftsmanship. In addition to a large choice of invitation books, visiting postcards, letterheads, stickers and other hand-printed materials, the volume also offers an overview of this old-fashioned technique of the presented designer.

NowJessica C. White / Publicised by Lark Books'Letterpress Now' is an ideal option if you are new to book printing. The 176-page book offers a complete guideline on book printing, printing methods, composition and many other pertinent subjects for all those who would like to acquire book printing know-how and aptitudes.

It also includes 3 great parts of handy DIIY related project and it is now an occasion for you to put your hand on your experiment related project and produce high grade edition, sound right? Caspar Williamson / Publicised by Chronicle Books In this volume, London-based Caspar Williamson, author, creator and visual arts expert, guides us through a variety of silkscreen prints and designs from more than a hundred studio locations around the world.

It also contains a brief story of silkscreen printing and an introductory course on various printing technologies and printing machines. High-Tech PrintCaspar Williamson / Edited by Laurence King Another great work by our good mate Caspar Williamson. The Laurence King hardcover features a selection of 100 modern printed display cases made by artists from all over the globe.

He had worked on this work for two years and had also travelled to all corners of the world to gain the insights of these graphic artists and to bridge the gap between these printing freaks, making the work a presentation of the world's printing world. Film LiberationNick Paparone and Jamie Dillon with Luren Jenison / Publicised by North Light Books A groundbreaking silkscreen pub.

It is a full instruction that will take you through all the silkscreen printing hints and technologies. Advice on how to make silkscreen a shop or how to market your work in a gallery and/or shop makes this book great for anyone who wants to take a monitor in their hand and get a thorough understanding of printing.

Printing WorkshopChristine Schmidt / Publicised by Potter Craft Print Workshop brings together an impressive collection of hands-on information and funny print design activities for you to explore at home. With stamps, carvings, stencils, cyanotypes, silkscreen and transfer printing technologies, this is a true feast of perfection in the world of graphic art.

in Brooklyn, Mike Perry has collected a broad range of works that have been produced by a modern day breed of the most gifted of today's graphic people. You' ll fell in love with the craftsmanship of the printing processes and the charms of the entire book, which is full of wonderfully illuminated images and functional type.

It' very inventive and inspiring - our filmmaker Marcroy Smith is also represented in this film. Billboard Construction by SonnenzimmerNick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi (authors and publishers) Chicago studios Sonnenzimmer by Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi have developed this bright, celebrity work that analyses 40 billboards through the lenses of information, combination and compositing.

The breathtaking posters in this special issue are checked by an illustrated analysis of the composition' s intent and each issue is separately autographed and serially ennumbered - only 600 in all. This is a selection of printing technologies - from stencils, printing, picture transfer to personalized toy, decoration and mural.

They say you shouldn't evaluate a work by its jacket, but I think this is an exemption.

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