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One of the novels co-authored by this program is The Day A Computer Writes A Novel. They can write a great book in every way. This biographical novel is a genre of book writing that documents an entertaining account of a person's life, alive or deceased. When then the time comes to finish the book, it will be back to these two and three hour days. The completion, as the beginning, is careful work.

The two men, James Patterson and Bill Clinton, are working together to create a novel.

One of the most productive writers in the land, James Patterson has kept a consistent footprint on the bestseller lists by partially reliant on a bunch of lesser-known co-authors. However, for a new novel, Mr. Patterson works with a much more renowned writer: former President Bill Clinton.

Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown and Company together release "The Präsident Is Missing" in June 2018, a novel by Mr. Patterson and Mr. Clinton that for a former chairman constitutes a seldom excursion into cliché. It all started at the end of last year when Robert B. Barnett, a Williams & Connolly attorney representing both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Patterson, had the thought of putting it together in a novel, someone who was acquainted with the scheme and did not want to talk in public because the editors withheld publishing minuta.

Mr Barnett, who also represented the Obamas, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Laura Bush and other political figures, first contacted Mr Clinton to see if he was interested in working with Mr Patterson. Mr. Clinton, a long-time readership of Mr. Patterson's breathtaking novel, was a play, so Mr. Barnett brought the concept to Mr. Patterson.

Mr. Patterson made a detailed draft. They have so far co-authored several sections in the novel, which will be co-authored by Sonny Mehta, President of Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, and Michael Pietsch, Managing Director of Hachette Book Group. Whilst memoirs have become the norm for former governors, few of them have released a novel after they have left the Oval Office.

The Hornet's Nest", a historic novel during the Revolutionary War, was published by Jimmy Carter in 2003. However, some keen watchers of Mr. Clinton, who likes enigmas and thriller, say that they are not quite astonished that he is trying to be fictional. "Clinton has always been protective and a dedicated enigma reader," Joe Klein, the writer and writer of the novel Primary Colors and The Natural, a report by Mr. Clinton's president, said in an e-mail.

Aside from the odd show of a former chairman working with a prominent writer on a mystery story, the idea is uncommon in that two major publishers, who are usually rivals, publish the novel together, with the two companies' logo appearing on all issues. Mr. Clinton is already an acclaimed bestselling author: his memoirs "My Life", released by Knopf in 2004, have already paid for more than two million in the USA.

Clinton said in a declaration that he had long been a supporter of Mr. Patterson's work. "Working on a workbook about a seated presidency - based on what I know about Washington's work, White House lifestyle and way of working - was a hectic time.

It was a humiliating time for Mr. Patterson, whose book sales exceeded 365 million units around the world, to share a book jacket with an even more renowned author:

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