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En continuant à utiliser le site Web, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies. At this time of year, many of us decide to finally write a novel or a picture book for your complete publishing solution: Books on Demand GmbH (BoD en abrégé) est une plate-forme d'auto-édition offrant des services d'édition pour les éditeurs et les auto-éditions. Did you always want to publish a book at Barnes & Noble? That is especially true for cardboard books.

Publishing and printing solutions for non-fiction, fiction and poetry

The Inventory Freedom Books are published on demand. Complimentary tools such as Interior Reviewer and Cover Creator allow you to work with great results with ease. Irrespective of the order amount, CopiesLow Autor offers reasonable price for books. Eliminate setup feesOur do-it-yourself authoring solution eliminates barriers so you can concentrate on publishing and distribution.

Libary-Quality BooksProfessional softcover bindings make for a product to be proud of. With your subscription you can make your books available on and the Amazon web sites in Europe. Expand DistributionExpand your sales to U.S. e-resellers, booksellers, libraries, academia and publishers without setup charges.

Advanced Deployment is available with your subscription at no extra charge. Make a sleeve with our free on-line tools. Quickly and simply customize a beautiful and individual artwork for your books using our easyover-creator. Find out more about Covers Creator. Would you like to redesign your own covers from the ground up?

For those who would rather make a artwork using graphics designer softwares, please note the following policies and our useful artwork template. Aimed at writers and publishing houses with a broad understanding of graphics and books. Please adhere to these terms of entry to generate a covers pdf. No matter whether you have a print-ready or Word® files, it is very simple to publish your work.

The Interior Reviewer presents your files as a virtually free on-line edition of your work. After ordering, your books are ready to print using the latest available print technologies. The full-colour dust jackets are imprinted on binding material and provided with a protecting laminating film. Envelopes are full-colour paper 10 pt and lamination for long life.

All our books are in librarianship grade. Hardcover bindings provide a product to be proud of. We print books according to your needs, so that you can profit from the fact that they are not in stock. There are a wide range of off-the-shelf and user-defined bleed size options to choose from, but you must choose one of the following industrial standards in order to be able to sell your books through advanced sales channel.

Important: Books with cream-coloured papers must have one of the following bleed sizes: "5 "5" x 8", 5. 25" x 8", 5. 5" x 8. 5" or 6" x 9" to register for extended resell. "My own size" bleed-size is for sale at, but is not suitable for the bookstore and online trade channels within the extended dist.

Find out more about the bleed sizes required for each extended sales area. Share your books with and users in your million. subscribers can take full advantage of FREE Super Saver shipping, one-day shipping, 1-Click and Amazon Prime for qualifying orders. Expand the accessibility of your books on the,,,, sites in Europe.

Clients ordering through Amazon's web sites in Europe can take full advantage of Free Super Saver Shipping, One-Day Shipping, 1-Click® and Amazon Prime® for qualified orders. Share your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) eBook with others. Just register for a KDP bankroll and we' ll give you everything you need to post your books on the Amazon Kindle Store.

This extra channel of distribution provides your books to on-line merchants, bookshops, libraries, academia and publishers in the United States. Receive emoluments when your books are published to place a new order at, Amazon's Europe sites or through our extended delivery channel.

You' ll receive bonuses every single press we publish a copy of a product to place a new order on, Amazon's Europe sites or through the channel available on our website. The fee is the listed value you have set for your textbook, less our part. You can use the bonus calculation to find out how much you make each year your books are made.

You will be charged your real usage fee when you create your eBook. Find out more about all available distributions. "If you order a copy of your own copy, you only need to cover the page and page fees plus postage. You can use our calculator to see your per volume prices, order proofs and postage.

The books are paid at the moment of ordering. Costs for a proofread copy are the same as for a specific volume, plus postage. Most of the orders for books are printed in our plants. We can also use extra printing options to make sure we can ship your order on schedule.

Deliveries do not contain the print of your order. It will be charged with the order. For orders outside the U.S.A., you allow extra custom clearance hours and deliveries to areas outside the city. You will be charged for your real order cost when you order your copy.

Not included are delivery costs, which can be charged below. See the tariff table for calculation of delivery costs. Delivery time does not contain the print of your order.

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