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Any number of books can be produced on a high-speed digital printing machine. How does the EOD service work? The title "One Book, One Nebraska" was chosen this year. Special terms of use apply to E-Books on Demand (EOD). A Bafta crowned sitcom about a bad-tempered and wildly eccentric bookstore owner.

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Where is Barnes & Noble's Printed Books on Demand at ? Books on Demand is a printer that allows you to create a printed manual from a hard-to-find work, a public domain work or your own self-published work. Books on Demand is available in selected Barnes & Noble offices.

How does the Espresso-Buchmaschine® work? Espresso Binder® is a small letterpress system that allows a simple individual work to be produced and hardcovered in no time. How can I find the Print Books on Demand Services in retail? Print Books on Demand will be presented at Barnes & Noble in Union Square, NYC, Paramus, NJ and Willow Grove, PA.

Are other shops selling the Books on Demandervice? Making the Barnes & Noble Books on Demand available? At Barnes & Noble, we want to provide our customers with immediate accessibility to as many printed books as possible. These services enable us to immediately provide tens of thousands of hard to find or "out of print" books.

Which kind of books can I get published with the Books on Demandervice? Espresso Book Machine® is designed to produce colour or monochrome paperbacks and photo books. Is it possible to have colored books in my book? Espresso Book Machine® is designed to produce books in either colour or monochrome. In what sizes can I reprint books?

Any bleed area between 4.5" w x 5" h and 8" w x 10" h can be used. default bleed quantities are: "5 "5" x 8" 5. 5" x 8. 5" x 8. 5" 6" x 9" 7. 5" x 9. 25" 7" x 10" 8" x 10" For books, which are published on photographic hardcopy, the min. page number is 16 and the max. page number is 650.

What is the delivery time for my Printed Books on Demand order? You can collect books between 1 and 3 working day or earlier if the printer line is smaller. Will I need to make an online reservation to have my books printed at Barnes & Noble? But you need to make an appointement for a counseling session with a bookstore.

While you are consulting the bookstore will check your Word or PDF documents for changes in technology and format. Your print-ready PDF interiors and covers can be uploaded from a USB/Thumb disk to the Espresso Book Machine®. Contact a bookstore to send your data to the pilots. What does it take to create a printed book on demand in a shop?

Costs for producing a print product from the Print Reserve on Demand services vary depending on the kind of product you print. Contact your local bookstore for information on a specific item. In the case of self-published books, the costs vary depending on the length of your books and whether you print in monochrome, colour or a photobook.

Six setup packs of Books on Demand are available. This is a small order pack with one run and lets you run as many as you want to buy. Archiving $49: Best for several prints of a single copy, this is a one-time charge for one place only.

Memory stores your files so that you can come back at any given moment to make more prints. Preferably for first-time authors, this contains everything that is included in the archive pack above. The Barnes & Noble Printed Books On Demand Formattering and Submissions Guide also comes with a free pocket edition that will help you professionalize your books, a text-only sleeve selected from a variety of templates, and 30-minute in-store advice on formating and making changes (call to make an appointment).

$119 Intermediate Self-Publishing: Best for experienced writers, all included in the archive pack above. The Barnes & Noble Print Books On Demand Formattering and Submissions Guide also comes with a free pocket edition that helps you professionalize your books, a text with pending artwork selected from a variety of templates, and 60-minute in-store advice on formattings and engineering changes (appointments).

The Deluxe Self-Publishing $399: Ideal for writers who want to publish their books in Barnes & Noble Shops, all included in the Intermediate Self-Publishing bundle above. Included in this pack are a full blood coverage options (color or pictures that extend beyond the edge of the front or back cover), a NOOK Press ISBN and a bar code.

One copy of your work will be published and sent to the Barnes & Noble Small Press department to be evaluated for possible placements in the deal. $19 Customizing Books: With this printer pack you can create a notepad with empty pages, ruled pages or note pages. There is also a customized artwork in this pack that you can choose from several templates.

After you have selected your setup kit, you can start calculating the costs for your books on the basis of the size you have chosen. Yes, there is a 10% rebate for 50-99 books for individual editions and a 15% rebate for 100 or more books. You are eligible for a member rebate for purchases of hard-to-find books and popular domain books.

The member rebate does not include the cost of these prints. The member rebate does not include flat-rate charges for prints and letterpresses. Is it possible to use the Espresso Bookmaker to publish my own books? Both the text and the envelope need a print-ready PDF. Kindly refer to our guidelines for submitting and formatting internal texts and covers.

Barnes & Noble: How do I use the Espresso Books Machine to get my books printed? Take your suitably sized text and artwork PDFs to one of the Barnes & Noble shops on a single flash disk with an Espresso Bookmaker and a bookstore will help you through the entire production run.

Is it possible to have my books printed out if they are already in the On Demand Books catalogue? Most of the books available for sale can be purchased from the On Demand Books catalogue. Will Barnes & Noble be selling a self-published product in the shop if I do it? The Deluxe Self-Publishing Pack can be purchased to submit a copy of your work to the Small Press Department for evaluation for commercial use.

There''s no warranty that your books will be placed in the shop. The books you are printing can be sold outside of Barnes & Noble. Is there a limit to the books I can reprint? It is Barnes & Noble's responsibility to produce or publish books or materials. If, in the view of Barnes & Noble, a title or materials is infringing a person's rights in an obscene, defamatory or otherwise manner, Barnes & Noble shall have no duty to publish or produce the title or work.

Will I need an ISBN to be able to use it? If you have one, you are welcome to insert it into your hard-copy but it is not necessary. No, under U.S. intellectual property laws, your self-published work is copyrighted as soon as you put it on the record. Copyrights are founded on your creativity and do not depend on a legal arrangement with a publishers or self-publishers.

Is it possible to publish public domain books? Thanks to the Books on Demand printing services, there are billions of public domain and out-of-print books that can be produced in the shop. When I sell a self-published e-book through NOOK Press, can I use Espresso Book Machine to make a printout?

Yes, but you need a print-ready PDF of your text. How big can I use it? Any bleed area between 4.5" w x 5" h and 8" w x 10" h can be used. default bleed quantities are: "5 "5" x 8" 5. 5" x 8. 5" x 8. 5" 6" x 9" 7. 5" x 9. 25" 7" x 10" 8" x 10" For books, which are published on photographic hardcopy, the min. page number is 16 and the max. page number is 650.

Is it possible to colour-decorate? As long as you include colour pictures in the document, both the inside and inside covers of your text document can be full-colour as well. We supply 50lb pure and 60lb creme coloured papers for black and blue text overprint. Only 50lb pure 50lb colour is available for colour prints.

Photobooks are printed on 80lb blank media. What is the best way to do this? You need your artwork to be a seperate print-ready downloadable document. There are three items in the artwork file: front, back and back, which are generated as individual documents but then merged into a unified one.

For more information on formatting your artwork, see our Formatting Guide. What is the number of pages in my work? You must have between 40 and 800 pages in your volume. Books that will be published on photographic hardcopy will have a 16 page and 650 page minimum. Is it possible to have photographs or artwork in my books?

You can have indoor shots in either monochrome or colour. Pictures must be of high qualitiy so that they can be printed well. Is it possible to get my hardback copy? The Espresso Binder® only makes paperbacks. On this page you will find a full set of Format Guide, tutorial video and MS Word template for inside and outside envelope sizing.

How do I prepare a Barnes & Noble Printed on Demand work? In order to use Barnes & Noble to produce a Barnes & Noble product, you need print-ready inside and inside covers. Is it possible to use a Microsoft Office document (or other text editor) to produce a printed work?

Sheets are available for inside and outside. Have you got a template that I can use to reformat my text and my artwork? You can use these documents to style your inner text and covers in various bleed size on this page. You can have indoor shots in either monochrome or colour.

It is important to use pictures with sufficient clarity so that they can be printed clearly and sharply. We check your finished document during the printout to ensure that it is printed successfully. May I get help in creating my own volume? The consultation does not involve proof-reading, the compilation of copyrights or the compilation of covers.

Contact your bookstore for more information about these packs and how to get going.

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