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Online Books in Print

Books In Print is a valuable resource for retailers making intelligent purchasing decisions from the enriched metadata provided by publishers. Penn Library now offers the online version of Books In Print for quick access to information on current or upcoming books. Electronic version updated via the World Wide Web: Printing global books[electronic resource]. Metadata is the way potential buyers will find your books for e-books (and printed books sold online).

Printed books | Extensive bibliographical library

Browse everything on the book, e-book, audiobook and video markets from a Google-like field or use advanced searching to generate specific results. Books In Print is used by publishers around the world to find books, generate listings and choose which provider, e-book trading system or online dealer to purchase the work.

Locate the right tracks, store them, and optimize your workflow. The most reliable and reliable resource for bibliographical information, Books In Print integrates with the most advanced searching, exploration and collections building resources specifically developed to rationalize the discovering and acquiring cyberspace.

Online Books in Print

Penn Collection now provides the online Books In Print release for fast and easy reference to the latest or forthcoming books. The eLibrary will speed up the ordering of books for future courses and facilitate the search for exact bibliographical and purchasing information. The Books in Print index contains more than 1.8 million books offered for sale or publication by more than 44,000 publishing houses in the United States.

You can also find a list of recently out of print items. Refreshed every week to provide the latest information on writers, publications, publishers, awards and International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) - unique designations for almost every book released. The Books in Print on PennLIN features a high-performance yet easy-to-use user friendly searching engine that allows you to combine words with basic searching for writers, covers and topics.

It also offers simple emailing or print of results. It is available online and in the libraries.

Printed books. Brooklyn (magazine, 1948)

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