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Ipad Books

Fill your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac library with everything from the classics to the latest bestsellers. You can read on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac like reading a book. iOS lets you buy and play audio books directly from iBooks. Buying books for the iPad. One iPad can be used to read a variety of books.

Better ways with words.

Have a good thing to look at. On the iPad, iPhone, iPod dock or Mac, it' s like when you' re looking at a work. Browse one page at a stretch or rotate your iPad to the page and watch two pages at once. Explore it all in full-frame, distraction-free, or see white-on-black in nocturnal.

Change the appearance of most books by resizing their text and type. And, if you're on a Mac, open as many books as you want. Have you listened to any good books lately? Audio books are just the thing if you want to have a tale recited. You can buy and playback audio books directly from iBooks in a browser.

You will appear on your bookshelf like your other books. And, thanks to a completely new user surface, hearing a textbook is just as easy as looking at a work. And you can even take your books with you on the go by touching the audio books symbol on your car play touch screen. The iBooks for iPhone allows you to enjoy great readings in many ways.

Make your libraries a little clearer with Serie. Browse your books by titles, authors, categories or serials. iBooks and iCloud. iCloud saves what's important to you - such as your favorite songs, pictures and friends - and makes it available from your iPad, iPhone, iPod notebook or Mac.

You can even store your books in 4iiCloud. And it doesn't make any difference which machine you buy them with, because you'll see every song you've bought in your lib. That way you can view one of your favorites on your iPhone during your early hours, browse a few sections of the same volume on your Mac later in the afternoon and continue where you stopped before you went to bed on your iPad.

Add your own documents to your existing libraries. iBooks not only keeps all your books in one place, it also keeps an overview of your existing documents. Manuals, suggestions for businesses, projects - put them all in your iBooks libraries for ease of use. If someone e-mails you a file, you can use iBooks.

Then, go to your local libary and touch to open it. Multitouch books for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Discover the most astonishing books you have ever seen. Anything you can do on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. You can multi-touch, sound, video and more. Multi-touch books no longer limit you to just plain pictures on hardcopy.

Multi-Touch books - iBooks textbooks included - are available at the iBooks Store. Every song is like nothing you've ever had. Buy iBooks. iBooks Store offers over 2. Five million books and more7 - many free. See what's on iBooks, look at the New York Times bestsellers list or scroll by book titles, authors, genres or collections.

Browse a review, find a good one, type to see more detail, and even a free pattern. Buy a work and it will be downloaded into your reading room, waiting to be used. There are several factors why books - especially text books - are currently being revised. Fortunately, the iBooks Apple software does support manual upgrades. This means that if a newly or additionally edited version of a work is re-published, iBooks will inform you.

It can be downloaded free of charge and will replace the older one in your local collection. iBooks Store offers 2. Five million books and more. iBooks Author lets you build your own Multi-Touch books. Bring your books to billions of people. Send books to iBooks in three simple stages.

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