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This site is a reading list with the best books that can be read in different categories, based on many hours of reading and research. This is BOOK REVIEW, a program for reviewing books and interviews with authors. Cartoon versions of finished books. Crank. Frankenstein - The Book of Three.

Finding the right book can be difficult for advanced readers.

WBD: Reading the 10 best teenagers | Books

The World Book Day's best books for teenagers, from the Hunger Games to Jane Eyre, are full of books to delight teenagers. The 6th What Kid's Are Reading reports deplore a trend among middle and lower education pupils to simply study books - indicating that educators and library staff are not defying older children - the World Book Day organizers have promised a checklist that could be a correction or at least a useful resource for inspiration.

Writes of Passage's bestselling book for young adult readers, with 7,000 votes across the UK, contains a top 10 book catalogue designed to help teens "shape and inspire" and give them the sensitive instruments and words to tackle some of the puberty issues. A full listing of 50 books to "understand", "change thinking" and "make you cry" as well as to tickle, carry and frighten.

The longer listing includes many authors who are safe for everyone, among them Emily Brontë, Anthony Burgess, F Scott Fitzgerald and Alice Walker. There is also dystopy, classical and modern - 1984 and The Hunger Games - and a lot of heartache, be it in The Diary of a Young Girl, To Kil a Mockingbird or Green's The Fault in Our Star.

All but one have already adorned the big picture or will soon do so, which testifies to the movie's successfulness ( "a bestseller song is turned into a movie and then wins more of those who see the movie first").

Bob, the kitty who assisted in fixing the street musician he adopted, is an encouraging tale and one of the most recently added books to the book since it was only launched in 2012. To me, the Harry Potter books are definitely more middle-class fun than young adults, but they are something of a unique case that becomes increasingly difficult and dark as Harry and his cohorts age.

They have certainly done an immense amount to attract the reader, young and old, to a certain extent weakening the idea that books are only for geeks/children. In spite of the abundance of escapistic phantasy traps, Rowling raises some tricky issues about how to defy authorities, challenge societal standards and sacrifice everything for an ideal: all concerns that are dear to the heart of most young people.

I would have exchanged The Lord of the Rings for another song from the longer track shortlist - maybe Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses or RJ Palacio's Wonder. Twilight's inscription in the Top 50, in the class of books that teaches you about lovemaking, gives me a huge case of heebie-jeebies (I'd like to see a specific class for that: samples of what you don't want).

However, the shortlist is thoughtful, wide-ranging and should give anyone who wants a song a song that fits their own circumstances or temper. What are your best teenage volumes?

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