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It explores the many worlds of performance, writing, music and the visual arts and offers interviews with local and international authors and artists. While Burrow Press celebrates its fifth anniversary, Orlando-based independent publisher does more than just bind books. It is a festival of books, writing and the beauty of words. More ideas on writing, prompts and handwriting ideas can be found here. Its architecture of sound and the alchemy of transcendence emerged from a simple transmission during meditation.

Art and Literature - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Exploring the many different realms of performing, literary, musical and fine art, it offers in-depth interviewing with writers and artist. This[ serial episodic segment] has picture, The Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre, Stephen Page, about the 2017 staging that tells the tale of Bennelong, an Eora man who became a link between his tribe and the recently arriving colonists in Sydney Cove.

This[ episodes serial segment] has published picture, Tony Jones, the host of ABC' s Q&A programme, his first novel in 2017, which journeys between the roads of Sydney, the hallways of the Parliament House, and the hills of Yugoslavia. This[ serial episodic segment] has a picture, the recorder player Genevieve Lacey is playing for us and speaks about the modern potentials of her old one.

Scotch crime writer Chris Brookmyre tells us what affected him and inserts a track from one of his books. The prizewinning Melbourne writer Chris Womersley is back with a novel that plays in France during the 1673 Death.

What happens when you get together Wayne McGregor, the Ólafur Eliasson and Jamie XX? Which works does Michael Robotham achieve on his Top Shelf? This[ serial episodic segment] has picture, the Argentinian literature celebrity Samanta Schweblin is discussing her surroundal and disturbing novel Fever Dream.

This[ serial episodic segment] has picture, Michael Rosen follows the renowned London exiled writer after he was condemned to jail for his vowel assistance to Alfred Dreyfus. We' re travelling to far-flung townships in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara countries of South Australia to find out why these small arts centers produce such fabulous modernism.

This[ serial episodic segment] has been telling the history of a corean familiy in the quest for identification over four generation and nearly a hundred years. The Museum of Contemporary Art exhibit (now on view at the Heide Museum of Contemporary Art in Melbourne) Jenny Watson: The Fabric of Fantasy comprises four centuries of the artist's work, among them works on non-conventional materials and with self-portraits, alter-egos, dressage and rock stars.

UK playwright Claire Fuller talks about the novels, movies and musics that inspire her to become a novelist. This[ serial episodic segment] has picture, Ivan Coyote works without fear at the borders of sex, qeer and ethnicity. This[ serial episodic segment] has picture, Inspector Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin is a lead murder investigator in the NSW Det.

This[ serial episodic segment] has an Image, the crime authors Adrian McKinty and Candice Fox use both policemen as key figures in their clichés. This[ serial episodic segment] has a picture, a talk with the British-American author Tracy Chevalier about her latest novels New Boy, a recounting of Shakespeare's drama and At the Edge of the Orchard, which takes place in America in the nineteenth and narrates the history of a pioneering 19 C. The book is about a young, illusionary woman.

This[ Serial Episodes Segment] has picture,

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