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Central French writer, father of the writers Léon Daudet and Lucien Daudet. Nor are they looking for books by American and British writers who dominated this topic last year.

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aldington, richard (edward godfree aldington) fiction poet, biographer and interpreter. In 1912, one of the founding fathers of Imagism with his prospective spouse Hilda Doolittle (they got separated in 1913 and got separated in 1937) and Ezra Pound. allen, charles grant blairfindie fictionist, thinker and scholar. In 1868 he got married to Caroline Bootheway (she passed away in 1871 to TB).

BENNETT, ENOCH ARNOLD novelist & playwright. In 1902 she moves to France, marries a French woman, Marguerite Soulie in 1907. BLYTON, ENID The most popular children's book author of the 20th century. Any of the judge is required to study well over 100 books for a £3000 surcharge. BROWN, ELIZABETH BARRETT Poet. In 1846 he surreptitiously marries Robert Browning. Uh-huh.

Over the years, the books have been authored by many different authors. Sawedra Miguel de Novelist & Playwright. Returning to Madrid, he held gloomy positions, was arrested several counts of indebtedness, CHURCHILL, SIR WINSTON LEONARD SPENCER Romancier and Staatsmann. Worship Clementine Ogilvy Hozier 1908. DOUGLAS, GEORGE NORMAN novelist & travel author.

EMERSON, RALPH WALDO poet and essays writer. Wedded to Ellen Tucker in 1829 (died of 1831 TB). In 1835 Lydia Jackson got divorced. Frenchspeaking Outside Legion, Books about THEFROST, ROBERT LEE Poet & Writer, especially of the New England farmlands. Agnes Rowland got married in 1898. godden, margaret romancier, playwright & poet. In 1934 Lawrence Sinclair Foster, a broker, got divorced.

In 1949 James Lesley Haynes Dixon got remarried and went back to Rye. GOLDSMITH, OLIVER poet, playwright and romantic. Hawthorn, NATHANIEL Romancier and storyteller. He is married to Sophie Peabody in 1842. In 1944 he got remarried to Lillian Aberman. It illustrates many of his books. Gundula Ahl got remarried in 1975. ALFRED EDWARD poet, classic and playwright HORSE RACINGHOSPITALSHOUSMAN.

HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY Romancier, travel author and about country people. Emily Wingrave got married in 1876. HUXLEY, THOMAS HENRY Scientist & Surgeon. LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH poet. Mary Potter 1831 (died 1835) & Frances Appleton 1843. MACDONALD, JOHN DANN Novelist. In 1905 Faith Stone got divorced, Christina MacSween in 1962 and her sibling Lilian MacSween in 1965.

MACNEICE, FREDERICK LOUIS poet, critic, dramatist & interpreter & BBC producer. Mary Ezra got married in 1930 (divorced 1937) & Hedli Anderson in 1942. Includes MEE, ARTHUR Prolific Author and Editor. Amy Fratson got married in 1897. JOHN Poet & Pamphlet. NESBIT, EDITH Prolific Children's author & Poet. Wife of Fabian Socialist, Hubert Bland (died 1914) in 1880 & Thomas Tucker in 1917.

NEWBERY, JOHN Publishers & Booksellers. It was the first publishing house to publish children's books. OLSON, CHARLES JOHN poet of the "Black Mountain Group" PARKER, ERIC FREDERICK MOORE SEARLE Novelist & author of books about dog, shootings, fishing and crickets. In 1902 he married Ruth Messel. Wife of Miss Reynolds in 1840. WILLIAM Hampshire shoemaster, who became a London bookstore.

PLAIDY, JEAN Historic Writer. He' s remarried to G.P. Hibbert. In 1593 Elizabeth Throckmorton got remarried. ROSSETTI, CHRISTINA GEORGINA Religious poem. Young sibling of the writer and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. In the Bleak Midiwnter" is written by RUGBY UNIONRUSKIN, JOHN writer and arts-criticist. Euphemia Chalmers Gray got engaged in 1848, disbanded in 1855 when she got married to John Millais.

william bertrand arthur, 3rd earl russels, philosopher, mathematician, essayist. I' m a couple of Alys Pearsall Smith's. In 1934 they got a divorce and he got remarried to Patricia Spence in 1936. Sexuality, Books ONSHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM Actors, Poets & Playwrights. In 1582, Anne Hathaway got wed to a farmer's wife. Moved to London, Globe Theatre as an actress and dramatist.

He' the most widely publicized writer in the story. Zhaw, GEORGE Bernard playwright, joke and nationalist. 1898 he got marry Charlotte Payne-Townsend (1857-1943). THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE Novelist & Illustrator. Isabella Shawe got divorced in 1836, but she went crazy in the 1840s. TUPPER, MARTIN FARQUAR poet, novelist, playwright & prose writer. Philosopher, novelist, playwright and epicist.

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