Books and their Authors

The Books and their Authors

Carefully read the article to study the list of important books and their authors and prepare yourself to solve all questions about books in the upcoming exams. This podcast includes Open Book and A Good Read. The War and Peace of Leo Tolstoy. Initially posted by exclusive fairy anyone can plz share famous books and author names? Ancient India books and authors:

And who were the authors of the books of the Bible?

"The Bible books by whom?" Eventually, the Bible was composed by God about the author of man. Timothy 3:16 says that the Bible was "exhaled" by God. He oversaw the Bible's authors so that while they were using their own style of writings and their own personality, they were still recording exactly what God was about.

It was not God who was dictating the Bible, but God who completely directed and inspire it. In human terms, the Bible was composed over 1500 years by about 40 men of different origins. Ezra was a preacher, Matthew a taxpayer, John a fisher, Paul a musterer, Moses a pastor, Luke a doctor.

Although the Bible was written by various authors over 15 hundred years, it does not conflict with itself and contains no inaccuracies. Authors all have different points of view, but they all preach the same one real God and the same way of redemption - Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). Only a few books in the Bible name their authors.

These are the books of the Bible together with the name of the one most widely accepted by Bible studies as the writer, as well as the estimated date of authorship: Psalms = several different authors, mostly David - 1000 - 400 B.C. Proverbs, preachers, song Solomos = Solomo - 900 B.C. Isaiah = Isaiah - 700 B.C.

Nearum = Nahum - 650 BC Habakkuk = Habakkuk - 600 BC Zephaniah = Zephaniah - 650 BC Haggai = Haggai - 520 BC Zechariah = Zechariah - 500 BC Malachi = Malachi - 430 BC More glimpses from your Bible studies - Get Start with Logos Bible Software for Free!

How many books of the Bible has Paul written? Who has written the Book of Hebrews? And who were the authors of the books of the Bible?

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