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Hindi famous books and their authors names in Hindi. These Vedios can help you get grades. Common knowledge books and author online test in Hindi, GK test in Hindi, GK in Hindi. So I decided to read only books written by women for the whole year. Amita Pritam was a writer and poetess who wrote in both Hindi and Punjabi.

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It' tempts clever folks to think they can't loose. And who is the writer of the Indian Revolution? Resolution: 2. Narendra Modi is the name of the author: Resolution: 3. Who is the writer of the volume "A Word Within"? Workaround: 4. The infamous two years eight months and twenty-eight nights was published by which of the following?

Resolution: 5. And who is the writer of the volume "Ein Leben ist nicht genug"? Sacrifice

Fifteen books that commemorate our rich Hindu literary heritage

This is a shortlist of 15 of the best and most loved works in Hindi. This is a listing of large (but often overlooked) works in Hindi dealing with countless topics - from society to the mind to the myth. He was one of the first writers in Hindi. To all Harry Potter or Tolkien enthusiasts out there, his books will impress you with the attention to detail that Mr. Khatri has put into the creation of his work.

The Chandrakanta Santati can be considered as a separate work, although it is part of the greater realm that Khatri established and precedes the Chandrakanta, and follows Bhoothnath and its afterwords. Get the ledger and get into the hands of robbers, lords and courtly men.

What is best about his books is the pure sense of humor with which he presents the realities of living through clear description and speech. Further remarkable works are Godaan, Karmabhoomi and Kafan, but if a novel is too much, choose his shorts like Panch Parmeshwar, Gaban, Mansarovar and Do Bailon ki Katha.

One of the strictest Hindi authors, Prasad said very perceptively that his books are not intended to be debated in corners and edges. To avoid using Farsi words, Prasad depended on the Hindi Sanskrit terminology called the deedam. Most of his writing has been based on shorts, drama and poetry. He is actually a pivotal character in Hindi theater.

The most remarkable work of his is an epochal Kamayani, which is concerned with the first man on the planet, the'Manu' (according to India's mythology). In his works he was against societal unfairness and abuse and included these topics, apart from the natural poems that he eagerly composed. Tulsidas, Nirupama, Alka and Saroj Smriti are other remarkable works by Nirala.

Chhayavad's third column, Verma, always writes only poetry or brief histories about her cats. Most of her works contain living pictures of animals and the outdoors. Her work has been written in seven volumes of poetry. She is probably the best of them because she won the Sahitya Akademi and Jnanpith awards for the series.

He has won the Sahitya Akademi and the Jnanpith Prize for his work. His writings included poetry, essay and drama. Some other noteworthy works are Gunjan, Swarna Kiran, etc. So there is little left of the initial poetry. It' a great epos that dramatises the Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan' s live and bravery.

Although the historic precision of the incident is doubtful - because the poetry is regarded by historicists as an untrustworthy resource - the poetry is a great work and is still widely used. Gupt is said to be a patron of Khadi Boli, one of the Hindi people. The majority of his works deal with motivating pathriotism, but also personalities from mythology or history.

The Yashodhara is an epoxy poetry about the woman of Gautama Buddha. Other works by Gupt are Saket, a re-narration of Ramayana with Laxman, Kaikeyi and Urmila as characters. He is Hindi's second writer. He' written a great deal about the Mahabharata. So, the apocalypse is about Karna, an important figure of the epos Mahabharata, the sun of the heavenly gods Surya and Kunti.

Krishna ki Chetavani (Krishna's warning) is the most popular extract from this poet. Dinkar's other well-known works are Kurukshetra, Parshuram ki Prateeksha, Urvashi (his only one not being Veer Rasa-based), etc. Writing poetry, writing poetry, he was involved in the development of a pious warrior. But this is by no means his right to glory, for his contributions to Hindi language speak for his éminence and grand.

The Madhushala (House for Alcohol) is a 135 quatrain volume about the complexity of living, which the writer researches with words like Madira, Pyala etc.. When you can't hear it, just hear Amitabh Bachchan do it! The other remarkable poetry is Agneepath, Jo bead gaat so bai gaati and Andheri Raat para Diya yalana caba hail.

Writing Tamas against the background of the party, he won the Sahitya Akademi Prize in 1975. Camleshwar is a satiric author who investigates the world of society with his novel and text. Won the Sahitya Academy for the novel in 2000, three years before his death.

Birangi and Aandhi are among his other remarkable works. She was a Sr. of Mahadevi Verma at college and was in charge of her poetry work. As Chauhan was killed early in a road crash, she has less poetry to her honour, but each song is very well-reputed.

The poetry that gave the commemorative and iconical line "Khoob bladi márdaani, wo yhansi vali rani" is Yhansi ki Mári. It is inspiring and reminiscent of a razor. It' not an epochal novel, but a long poet. Chauhan's other remarkable poetry are Kadamb ka pod and Madhur Yaad Bachpan.

One of the most feministic Hindi authors, Jainendra Kumar's works radiate openness and the might of women. It won the Sahitya Akademi Prize and the Sahitya Scholarship for its novella Muktibodh, also a good work. Focusing on the woman's family through the narrator's eye, the novel shows her battles and her daring (and sometimes desperate) choices forcing the attorney to resign.

Suneeta is another impressing reading of Kumar. In 2009, the Bharatiya Jnanpith Trust released the volume's fifty-ninth series.

Select some of these songs and learn more about India's wealth of work. Find out more about how the Sahitya Academy promotes and preserves this excellent Hindi lit.

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